Problem Statement

Current version of Chorus is restrictive that their data is only synced with Salesforce standard objects. Client intend to publish Chorus data into custom objects in Salesforce for their customers orgs.


Need to create a one way data binding: Chorus metadata and Salesforce org. Data which is published in Chorus app should be synced with the new custom objects and whatever changes are done in Chorus app should reflect in custom objects but not vice versa. 

Solution Strategy

Creating a contact if the person is new in the meeting. Contact can be created based on the email id. If already the person has attended the meeting, based on email id the contact will be created.

Suggested different approaches for integration-

  • Standard rest api
  • Custom endpoints
  • Cronjobs

We were using custom endpoints because it was most efficient in terms of api usage.

We also create a debug log object where all the error files were saved so that any error while parsing json


  • Client was happy with the new integration done for the Chorus app with Salesforce for custom objects.
  • Client was able to store data and sync their meetings in the custom objects
  • Client was happy with the secret key which was done for authentication when the JSON was sent
  • Successfully merged the existing code with the new code without changing their existing functionality.