Salesforce With Zapier

Salesforce With Zapier

Zapier gives you the power to integrate Salesforce with hundreds of other apps to automate your work. Zapier is a robust cloud-based tool that helps you built various integrations including numerous applications without any need of writing a single line of coding. It can also be put to use by non-developers by following simple steps for creation of template integration.

If you make use of different application then that empowers you to connect all the applications with no further development of a specific integration of each app. The automation eventually saves much of the time for your team and their tasks become efficient. Zapier also makes it plain sailing to connect 2 applications made of the trigger and also the action. The moment when a zap runs and trigger even takes place in one app then Zapier creates action event for a different application automatically.

The marketing team of any business enterprise functioning in any industry has to deal with an enormous amount of data on a daily basis. Owing to their nature of approaching thousands of people, hearing back from them and keeping a track of every single existing, past as well as potential customer is highly tedious and time consuming.

Fortunately, as the technological advancements started gearing up and the market started getting more competitive, a new marker emerged that functioning in the realm of business CRM software. These software platforms were designed to reduce the efforts put by the sales team of a business house to a great extent and helping businesses save time and money.

CRM software platforms also brought a lot of automation along with them. After installing such software in their systems, majority of the laborious work that was otherwise being performed by the sales team was taken over by these systems.


Salesforce With Zapier

Data Management

The core objective of any CRM software is to help a business maintain their customer data. On a daily basis, sales team collects and records mammoth customer data and adds the same to their customer database. This may be information about the contact details of prospective and current customers, the names of their potential and current customers, a record of their likes, dislikes and frequency of interactions with the business and the progress they have made on their sales cycle.

CRM software helped these business houses in collecting, recording, storing and processing precious customer data. They would provide valuable services such as lead generation, lead scoring, lead segmentation and lead qualification. They would also nurture the collected leads and help the sales team conduct further marketing communication.


Salesforce CRM

When it comes to business CRM software, Salesforce has been at the top of majority of business organisations. Since it entered the market more than twenty years ago, it quickly became the leader in the game and provided clients with the best services anyone could offer to them for handling their customer database.


Salesforce Services

Salesforce offers their clients an array of efficient services; some of them are mentioned here:

Lead Scoring and Qualification

A lead can be defined as the customer who has showed a favourable response to your promotional message. Leads are needed to be stored and updated in the customer database on a regular basis. Salesforce helps you in recording these leads in your system and scores them according to their importance, i.e. it would show you the leads that have shown the most favourable response and score them higher than the ones that have responded lightly.

Salesforce CRM would also help your team in the process of lead qualification. They would let you know which leads are responding great, qualify them as favourable potential customers and remove the ones who are unresponsive, creating a separate pipeline for them. This way, you will be able to clean your sales pipeline of the leads that were blocking it and the separate pipeline would help you taking care of the unresponsive leads personally.

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Lead Nurturing

After scoring your leads, Salesforce also helps you in nurturing the leads. This involves taking care of every scored lead and sending them relevant messages. The software helps you in sending messages regarding advertising, promotion, offers and other relevant messages according to their likes and interests.

Personalised Services

Salesforce works on a high customisation level. It considers every lead you generate special and provides you with ways to deal with them in a personalised manner. This would allow you to offer services to the customers keeping their likes, dislikes and interests in mind. This would make them feel special and would ultimately add to your loyal base of customers.

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Making Analysis and Giving Feedback

Salesforce does not limit itself to dealing with the customer data in terms of storing and processing the same. It also makes a thorough assessment of your customer data, the activities your sales team performed and the opportunities you had at your disposal. The system would then make appropriate analysis of the same and give you productive feedback. This would help you make necessary businesses and would also motivate your sales personnel in setting and achieving greater targets.

Third Party Integrations

One of the most important features of Salesforce CRM is the third party integrations it carries out. It establishes collaborations with relevant third party applications and/or software and works in sync with them, making you avail the best of both worlds and enhance your operational accuracy and consistency.


Zapier Salesforce

Zapier is an interactive cloud-based platform that helps the user connect with a variety of applications in order to provide you with a high degree of automation and further making your marketing tasks easier. When such a platform integrated with software like Salesforce, the users are bound to obtain an extraordinary experience.

When this Zapier Salesforce integration comes into force, you get facilities of building several productive integrations with an array of applications. The best aspect of subscribing to Zapier Salesforce is the fact that the configuration does not require a single line of code to be written by your developers. This means that the platform is also suitable to businesses that have employees having little to no idea about coding and programming. Majority of the services are taken care of by the click of a few buttons! All the non-developers need to do is follow simple series of steps in order to create a template for required integration.

In case you choose to shift to a new application or add one to your existing list of integrated applications, Zapier and Salesforce would allow you to do so by connecting you to all such applications without following any complicated procedure pertaining to individual integration of the concerned applications. Such automation will help you save considerable time as well as money you would otherwise require for undergoing integration with third party applications, especially if you involve any kind of coding.

One of the most effective services this platform provides is the connection between a trigger and an action between two consecutive applications. When you are running a Zap and a trigger appear in one of the applications, the software automatically comes up with an event of action in the other application in real time. Here is a list of some of the triggers that the platform takes care of and comes up with a responsive action immediately:

 New Account – Trigger arising when a new Account is created or added

 New Campaign – Trigger arising when a new campaign is created or added

 New Case – Trigger arising when a new case is created and added into the system

 Closed Opportunity – Trigger generated when a certain opportunity is closed by the sales team (successfully or unsuccessfully)

 New Contact – Trigger arising when a new contact is created and added

 New Custom Object – Trigger arising when a fresh custom object is added into the system, according to the type of object you have chosen

 New Custom Object Type – Trigger arising when you add a new type of custom object into the system. However, the New Custom Object trigger is preferred instead of this one.

 New Event – Trigger arising when you create new event and add it to the system

 New Folder – Trigger arising when a new folder is created

 New Lead – Trigger arising when a new lead is generated by the sales team and is added into the system

 New Note – Trigger arising when you create a new note and add it to the system

 New Opportunity – Trigger arising when a new opportunity is created and/or detected

 New Outbound Message – Trigger arising when the system received a new outbound message

 New Task – Trigger arising when a new task is created and added into the system

 Updated Opportunity – Trigger arising when an existing opportunity is updated

 Create Authorisation – Trigger for creating a new account authorisation

 Find Service – Trigger regarding the search for a public service

 Find Zap – Trigger that initiates a search for a new Zap

This activity of trigger and response ensures a wholesome experience of using Salesforce Zapier and saves you time in transferring relevant data and actions from one application to another integrated one.


Getting Started With Salesforce On The Platform of Zapier

The steps needed to get started with Salesforce for your system on Zapier platform are extremely simple and easy to understand as mentioned here in brief:

1. Firstly, go to Zapier platform and connect your Salesforce account to the Zapier interface.
2. After connecting your Salesforce account, Zapier will ask permission to access the Salesforce account you connected. Give permission for the same.
3. After giving permission to access your account, you will be asked to log into your Salesforce account in case you are logged out at the moment.
4. Once you sign into your Salesforce account, system will be configured and you will now have access to Salesforce Zapier in a matter of minutes!

How To Deal With Salesforce Custom Objects On Zapier?

Once you start using Zapier Salesforce, you might want to make certain changes to the objects that originally belong to the platform of Salesforce. As both the platforms are highly compatible with each other, you can trigger off the action of creating any object within the realm of Salesforce. This also includes certain custom objects that are created by third party applications on Salesforce. On the contrary, you can also create new objects on Salesforce according to your convenience and needs, that were previously not on the platform.

It is important to note that when the object(s) you want to trigger on or off on the platform of Salesforce is not visible in the dropdown menu, choose the option of “Custom Object”. After clicking on the


option, you will be directed into the Zap editor where you will be given chance to choose the custom object you want to trigger on or off on the platform. Follow the same procedure if you want to create a new object on Salesforce Zapier.

However, it is also important to note that though you free to choose any object on the Trigger side of the interface, you will be limited with customisation on the Action side. When you are trying to turn off or create an option on the Action side and you see no fields further or are simply shown the option to “continue”, it would mean that you are not allowed to change that particular object. In such a situation, you can either choose to select another custom object to make changes into, or get in touch with the administrator to make relevant changes in the system, allowing the addition or deduction of the concerned option.


Using Salesforce Zapier In A Creative Way

The platform of Zapier Salesforce is a highly interactive one and is designed in a very technologically advanced manner.

Here are some of the ways in which you can use the platform in a really creative manner:

 You can add leads to the system from social media platforms such as Facebook or Linkedin ads and other relevant lead generation applications. This would enhance your lead generation and get you a variety of leads to nurture.

 You can use the platform to set up personalised notifications through appropriate channels about an opportunity the moment it is

created. Use the features to always stay on the loop and make relevant changes regarding dealing with the concerned opportunity in real time. It will save you the mess of looking at it later and spending time in correcting the errors.

 It is important to know and interact with the new contacts added to your system. Go ahead and arrange meetings on platforms like Zoom or GoToMeeting. This would help build a productive rapport with the contact and it may help you ultimately close the deal you were dying to close for eternity!

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