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Salesforce Data Loader Simplified Data Management

Data is arguably the most important element of running a CRM platform. Every business process undertaken by your team members revolves around storing, recording, processing, tracking and analysing the customer database. It is therefore important for you to look after managing your data to ensure smooth functioning of your organisation.

We understand the importance of efficient data management. Our team at Techila Global Services is inclined to help you manage your valuable by providing personalised Salesforce Data Loader services.


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Why Choose Our Services?

Our team at Techila Global Services will help you manage your complicated database in a quick, simplified, and efficient manner. Our Salesforce Data Loader services are specifically tailored to suit the needs of your organization.

Simple and Secure Operations

All the operations undertaken by our experts will use your existing Salesforce credentials for logging in and operating onto the platform of Data Loader. We will ensure that you do not have to go through the hassles of downloading a separate application. Also, operating out of your Salesforce credentials ensures complete security of your valuable data.

Smart Data Mapping

We will help you in mapping your data sets from the source files to your Salesforce fields in a faster and more efficient manner. Such data mapping is carried out with the help of features such as keyboard shortcuts, search filters, and auto-mapping.

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Getting Rid Of Redundant Work

Our team focuses on reducing the time and effort employed by your team in managing your database. With the help of Salesforce Dataloader, we help you export all related objects and records with a single pull, saving you from the hassles of redundant and manual work.

Connection With Suitable External Platforms

We help you connect with platforms such as DropBox, Box, SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), and File Transfer Protocol (FTP), helping you import your data to and export data from these platforms in a quick and easy manner.

Scheduling Data Management Tasks

We also help you divide work and schedule specific tasks related to your data management in an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly cycle.


This will notify the users with regards to the tasks scheduled and would ensure that your work is completed in a timely manner.


Cloud-based Management

One of the biggest advantages of availing Salesforce Data Loader services is the fact that it facilitates Cloud-based management of your data.

We would optimize the Cloud-based platform to increase your work flexibility and backing up of data on Salesforce Cloud.

Moreover, Cloud-based management would facilitate simplified platform administration with the help of queues, history, and operation logs.

Use Of Advanced Features

Techila Global Services believes in making optimum use of technology and being in sync with the latest advancements. Our Salesforce Data Loader services will involve the use of advanced features.

Some of these features include “Automapper” that would help you connect all similar fields on the platform, support of Large Volume API and an efficient Function Library for advanced data transformations using the application.


What Do You Mean By Salesforce Data Loader?

Salesforce Data Loader is essentially an application designed to facilitate bulk import or export of data into and out of your platform of Salesforce CRM. The application allows users to insert, update, export, or delete Salesforce records according to your specific needs and requirements.

The platform of Data Loader Salesforce is available in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning platforms. Users can avail of the application in the Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited,, and Developer editions. It helps you in managing the seemingly complicated database in a simplified manner.

When it comes to importing data from the external platforms onto Salesforce, Data Loader reads the data, extracts it, and loads the same out of comma-separated values (CSVs) files or a database connection.

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For exporting data, it outputs the relevant CSV files. In case the commas used for these processes are not suitable for a specific locale, you can use a tab or other delimiter to fulfill the action. You can specify this delimiter from the option of Data Loader Settings.


How To Use Salesforce Data Loader??

Data Loader for Salesforce can be used in one of the following two ways:

User Interface – If you are utilizing Salesforce Dataloader with the help of user interface, you need to specify the configuration parameters, the CSV files used for export and import as well as field mappings used for mapping field names in a specific import file.

Command Line (Windows Only) – When you employ Dataloader Salesforce using the command line, you need to specify the data sources, configuration, mappings, and actions in files. This method helps users in setting up the Data Loader for automatic processing of data.


Operations Involved In Salesforce Data Loader

On availing our Salesforce Data Loader services, we will help you undertake six key operations onto your system.

Inserting Records

This is the process of inserting records into the platform Salesforce CRM. Records can be inserted by clicking on the “Insert” button, followed by logging in using your credentials. Once you are logged in, you can select the records you want to insert and the .csv file you wish to upload.

Once the required records and files and selected, map the required fields using drag-and-drop options, saving the mapping if there is a need to do so. Once your records are inserted, the system will display error and success files.

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Updating Records

This is the process of updating the records already inserted within the system. This operation can be undertaken by clicking on the option of “Update” followed by logging in and selecting the .csv files and objects to complete the operation.

Upserting Records

This is the process that involves updating the existing records as well as inserting new ones in the system.

Exporting Records

This operation involves downloading necessary data sets from the organisation. This process can be undertaken by clicking on the option of “Export”, followed by logging in with your credentials.

Once you are logged in, you need to select the object and files you want to export and the folder where you want to save the selected records.

If you choose the option of “Export All”, the system will export all data, including the records present in the recycle bin.



Salesforce Data Loader can be used for deleting data records from your system. In order to delete your records, you need to export the existing records with relevant IDs and use these files to delete the required data.

The data you delete using this operation will be available in the recycle bin. Data can be deleted by selecting the “Delete” option, followed by logging into the platform and selecting the .csv files with records you want to remove. After mapping the ID field, you can complete the activity and delete the required data.

Hard Delete

This is the operation that is similar to that of deleting your data, the only difference being that this data is completely removed from your system.

It is not stored in the recycle bin. This operation can be undertaken by enabling the option of bulk API by clicking on the check box of “Enable Bulk API” in Apex Data Loader settings.


What Are The Key Features Of Salesforce Data Loader?

Once you avail our services, we will ensure that you obtain all the Salesforce Data Loader features that are suitable for your business organisation. Here are some of the major features offered by the platform:

  • Salesforce Dataloader comes with a highly interactive and simplified wizard interface. This helps beginners and non-programmers to perform data management activities easily.
  • It offers you an alternate Windows only command-line interface to facilitate automated batch operations.
  • The Data Loader comes with efficient drag-and-drop field mapping features.
  • It allows you to manage large files and records, having a capacity of holding up to 5 million distinct records.
  • It comes with exclusive support for all Salesforce standard as well as custom objects.
  • It allows users to manage and process data on the platform of both Salesforce CRM and
  • It facilitates proper display of error and log files in the CSV format.
  • The Data Loader comes with a built-in CSV file viewer to help you access your files better.
  • It supports operations for data management on both Windows and Mac.

When To Use Data Loader?

One of the most common mistakes committed by businesses is that of getting confused between using Salesforce Apex Data Loader and Import Wizards. Though both the platforms facilitate data management, there are subtle differences between the two.

You can choose to avail our Data Loader services in the following cases:

  • There is a need for loading 50,000 to 5,000,000 Salesforce records
  • There is a need for loading data into an object that is not supported by Import Wizards
  • You are willing to schedule regular data loads, such as multiple nightly imports
  • You need to export your data for creating a backup

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