Company bench is an online job portal for Vendors and Clients where resources are getting matched to their required jobs. The complete process has been tracked in crm. 


Resources are required by clients in huge quantities on contract basis. They can be of multiple JDs for example- Salesforce, CPQ, .Net etc. 


Vendors have their resources in huge quantities with flexible and varied skills. They provide their resources on contract basis to clients. 

Staff Aug Team

We at staff augmentation play as a mediator role, take resources from Vendors and provide them to the required clients.  

People from staff augmentation work on resources which are provided by vendors. They work on their resume(create, update), scheduling interviews, tracking the current status of candidates, etc. 

Staff people create deals in detail including the exact JD, the exact tenure, location etc. which they are getting from Client and posting it in the org which gets reflected on Bench portal.  

Vendors having their account on Bench portal will be notified or they can search immediately that there is a requirement for ABC job along with the number of quantity. Vendors having resources will immediately forward their candidates details to Staff aug people where we enhance their resumes and then forward it to the Client. This data is completely tracked in crm  

Similarly we give access to Clients on Bench portal where they will have their account and clients can browse through multiple profiles which will be masked. If any resume matches the client requirement then Staff will help the client to get the complete details and accordingly an interview will be scheduled.

Later comes the documentation part in which NDA, NSA, Data privacy protection, and signature is done. Also, we need to give company information to some of the Clients as well. 

Last but not the least stage is the student is onboarding to the client and then the deal gets completed. This is contract based but once the contract ends the employee gets on another project following the same procedure. 


Solution Strategy

To enhance the UI and to increase productivity we have come up with multiple custom solutions in crm. Below are the few examples of solutions which we have implemented 

1. Create Resume button: This button helps inside sales people to create a resume for candidates. Here we get 2 options where we can start the resume from scratch or upload an existing one and rebuild it. It can be saved in masked and unmasked format. Clients will have access to these candidates which will be in masked format.

2 .Send mass candidates to Clients: In this we have created a lwc button where we can send mass candidates to clients based on the technology and other filters. Clients will receive an individual email where all the candidates will be listed.

3 . Send mass job emails to Vendors: In this we have created a lwc button where we can send mass jobs to Vendors based on technology.

4. Send matching jobs to vendor contacts: In this based on candidates we are sending matching jobs to Vendors.

5. Resume parser feature: In this we try to parse the resume based on the values/fields which we select. It can be either candidate details or the details from the resume.

6. Displaying duplicate candidates: We can also display how many duplicate candidates are there with same details and then we can merge them for custom candidate object