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Energy & Utilities

The Energy & Utilities industry is facing a number of challenges as it adapts to a rapidly changing landscape. These challenges include the need to modernize existing infrastructure and enhance customer service operations. In other words, many energy and utilities companies are tasked with updating outdated systems and conventional customer approaches, which can require significant investments in new technology.

Having said that, Techilia presents how Energy and Utilities Cloud helps power and utility businesses improve customer service and efficiency through centralized customer data and automation of processes.


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What is the Common Problem?

The energy and utilities sector is already facing the challenge of having outdated and rigid back-office and billing systems that are not meeting the needs of customers and are hindering modernization efforts. These systems may also be creating information silos and causing difficulties for the IT organization in supporting business customer experience requests and modernizing the contact center.

The sector is also pressured to reduce operational costs while addressing specific digital properties and business unit challenges via targeted point solutions or custom applications.

Further, the energy and utilities sector is facing intense market competition and pressure to reduce operational costs while delivering value to customers through innovative bundled offerings for residential consumers and customized quotes for mid-sized, industrial, and commercial customers.

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The existing systems may not be flexible enough to support the rapid pace of change, leading to the use of point solutions or custom-built solutions. This may also be causing difficulties for the IT organization in keeping up with the needs of the business.

This is where Salesforce comes into action. The Salesforce energy and utilities cloud aims to assist energy retailers and utility firms in achieving operational excellence, delivering a best-in-class consumer experience at a reduced total cost of ownership.


Energy & Utilities Cloud Solution: What is it?

Salesforce can help Power & Utilities companies address the above-mentioned challenges by providing a Energy & Utilities Cloud platform that enables them to better understand and engage with their customers, streamline and automate their business processes, and make data-driven decisions.

And because it’s all on the Salesforce Platform, you can easily connect your communications to the rest of your business for a 360-degree view of your customers. Communications Cloud is the key to unlocking the power of the Salesforce Platform for your business. With it, you can create long-lasting relationships with your customers that will win them over for life.

Energy & Utilities Cloud is a platform developed by Salesforce specifically for energy and utility companies to attain digital transformation. It is native to the Salesforce platform, which means it is integrated with the core Salesforce platform and extends its capabilities with industry-specific features.

Energy & Utilities Cloud includes predefined industry objects, services, integrations, workflows, and user interfaces to make deployment easy.

It is a single, configurable platform that provides an energy and utilities overview of front-office operations and customer engagement, and it enables interoperability with existing systems. It also includes pre-packaged integrations with commonly used back-office systems, allowing organizations to consolidate or change these systems without losing their existing investments. In fact, by using easy-to-manage data maps, data can be easily transferred between Salesforce and other applications, so customers do not have to switch between different applications to complete tasks.


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Features of Salesforce Energy & Utilities Cloud

Salesforce Energy & Utilities Cloud is revolutionizing the power and utilities industry by focusing on four key areas:

Elevating the utility customer experience: Salesforce aims to provide utility customers with personalized service and digital apps that meet their needs and preferences. By going beyond the traditional contact center and leveraging next-generation field operations and customer experience, Salesforce aims to engage customers across self-service, AI, and mobile channels for a truly personalized experience.

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 Energizing the workforce: Salesforce empowers the future workforce by providing them with insights, automation, and intuitive tools. This allows them to work more efficiently and effectively, delivering the best possible service to customers.

 Engaging diverse partner ecosystems: Salesforce rallies new infrastructure, product, and service delivery partners around our customers, ensuring they have access to the best possible solutions.

 Modernizing the regulated utility customer experience: We are preparing for the future of energy by digitizing the customer experience and putting customers first. Our digital tools give agents a 360-degree view of the customer, allowing them to act as advisors rather than just answering questions.

Overall, Salesforce’s goal is to drive innovation in the power and utilities industry and deliver the best possible customer experience.


How does Energy and Utilities Cloud Helps utility companies and energy retailers?

Salesforce energy and utilities cloud help energy and utility companies improve customer engagement and service by providing a platform for unifying and analyzing customer data in real time. With Salesforce, energy and utilities companies can streamline their operations, reduce costs, and capture growth opportunities by better understanding and serving their customers.

Salesforce provides tools for managing customer data, tracking customer interactions, and automating marketing and sales processes, all in one place.

This allows energy and utilities companies to make data-driven decisions, optimize customer interactions, and drive business growth. Additionally, Salesforce offers industry-specific solutions for energy and utilities companies, including tools for customer service, field service, and asset management. It allows businesses to configure complex processes using drag-and-drop tools and to integrate data from existing back-end systems to provide a streamlined service experience. The platform includes chatbots for first-level customer support and provides agents with a comprehensive view of each customer account, including billing information, usage data, and a complete chronological history.

Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud also include interactive dashboards that provide real-time data insights and pre-built business processes and integrations that can help accelerate digital transformation. By using the Energy and Utilities Cloud, utilities can keep their customers at the centre of their business and better serve their needs.

How can Techilia help?

Are you an energy or utilities sector organization looking to implement Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud to improve your customer service, engagement, and sales processes? Techilia is here to help!

We can help energy and utility sector organizations implement Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud in a number of ways:

1. Consullting:

Techilia can provide consulting services to help organizations understand the benefits of Energy and Utilities Cloud and how it can be customized to meet their specific needs. They can also help identify which features and integrations will be most useful for the organization.

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2. Implementation:

Once the organization has a clear understanding of how Energy and Utilities Cloud can be customized to meet their needs, Techilia can help with the actual implementation of the platform. This includes configuring the platform, setting up integrations with other systems, and customizing workflows and user interfaces

3. Training:

Techilia can provide training to ensure that the organization’s employees are able to use Energy and Utilities Cloud effectively. This can include training on how to use specific features, how to customize the platform, and how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

4. Support: :

After the implementation of Energy and Utilities Cloud, Techilia can provide ongoing support to ensure that the platform is running smoothly and any issues are addressed quickly. This can include providing technical support, helping with updates and upgrades, and providing guidance on best practices for using the platform.

Our team of experts can provide consulting services to help you understand how Energy and Utilities Cloud can be customized to meet your specific needs, assist with the implementation of the platform, provide training to ensure your employees are able to use it effectively and offer ongoing support to ensure the platform is running smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of the Energy and Utilities Cloud.


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