Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce has created a niche in the CRM market by catering to an array of business organisations. No matter what your operational scale is or which industrial sector you belong to, you can handle your CRM in an automated and organised manner using the platform of Salesforce.

However, one of the sectors that can utilise the potential of Salesforce to the fullest is that of e-commerce. Gone are the days when people would wait for hours standing in a queue outside their favourite showrooms. Today, people prefer making purchases online, sitting at their homes, at the click of a button. The same trend is adopted by businesses in carrying out their processes as well.

If you are running an e-commerce venture, Techila Global Services will assist you in making the most of Salesforce with the help of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Before getting into the details of our services and the features you can avail, it is important to answer the question, “what is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?”


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What Is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is essentially a cloud-based platform that allows you to create personalized, unique, and unified buying experiences for your customers. By unifying buying experiences, it implies offering a seamless buying journey to your customers across an array of channels, be it web, mobile, social media, or stores.

Commerce Cloud is no less than a boon for e-commerce. It has considerably improved the manner in which your online buyers interact with you at every stage of their buying journey. Once you have created your portal and added products you wish to sell, this platform helps you in handling all the business processes that follow in an automated and efficient manner.



Depending on the functionality, there are two major components of the Commerce Cloud – Demandware and CloudCraze. Demandware is a cloud-based and unified e-commerce platform loaded with personalized Artificial Intelligence, mobile customization, and order management facilities. This platform is ideal for businesses following the B2C model for transactions.

CloudCraze is a recently acquired platform that facilitates recording, storing, tracking, and analyzing of valuable data by enterprises for handling their e-commerce activities. This platform is ideal for businesses following the B2B model for transactions and cannot be used as a standalone service.

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What do you need Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Over time, business enterprises are switching to online platforms, partially if not completely, for undertaking their processes. Moreover, the certainty of online stores is higher than that of physical stores whose business can be affected by them shutting down.

However, handling an e-commerce venture comes with its own challenges. Right from choosing the products to sell and designing the website to handling payments and looking after the logistics, an online seller needs to make several considerations to run their venture successfully. It is also important to ensure that the customers are offered a unified buying experience across multiple platforms.

These issues can be solved by availing Salesforce e-commerce services in the form of the Commerce Cloud. Once you get the platform implemented, you will not only be able to handle your business processes well but also your CRM activities. The issue of handling customer database remains irrespective of the physicality of a business venture. With the renowned services of Salesforce, you will also be able to store, process, track, and analyze valuable customers through the platform of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


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Key Features Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Once you avail of our e-commerce Salesforce services and get the platform of Salesforce Commerce Cloud implemented, your team will experience an ease of operations and higher functionality. Here are some of the major features you will be offered by getting the Commerce Cloud implemented within your organization:

Business Intelligence

The number of customers handled and volume of transactions undertaken by an average business enterprise considerably large. On a daily basis, hundreds of potential customers may land on your e-commerce website if you follow a B2C model. If you are following a B2B model, you are likely to deal in huge volumes of sales on a regular basis.
It is important for a business to make sense of this complicated data and undertake business processes efficiently. Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes with exclusive business intelligence that helps you in analyzing important data, making extensive reports regarding the same, and help the management take key business decisions.


Predictive Intelligence

The artificial intelligence component of Salesforce Commerce Cloud scans through all your data, tracks the activities of your customers, and comes up with predictive analysis. Predictive intelligence makes the shopping experience of your customers significantly better. It removes the hassles and delays one has to face while analyzing business data manually and employs artificial intelligence to make valid predictions.
Our team will assist you in getting Salesforce Einstein incorporated in the Commerce Cloud to optimize its functionality. Einstein keeps track of all the activities performed by your customers on your website and ascertains their likes and preferences. This information can be used for making strong predictive analysis and providing personalized services to your customers.

Efficient Marketing Tools

Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes with an array of beneficial marketing tools that help you market and sell your products better. These tools can be used to create and manage relevant information about your products (product information, prices, images, etc) across different categories and platforms. It also helps you in unifying all the information available across different platforms on to a centralized interface.
The Commerce Cloud offers you specialized marketing tools that allow you to connect the right customer with the right product at the right time. This would ultimately reduce your time-to-sell, increase customer faith, and improve the overall functionality of your venture.



These tools can also be used for creating personalized marketing campaigns. You can utilize the CRM data from your system, develop a full-proof plan, and communicate with your customers through the most suitable channels. The platform also includes provisions for refreshing the campaigns whenever required and keeping a track of your progress on a periodic basis.

Moreover, these marketing tools allow you to customize optimize the searches your customers make on your website by adjusting the merchant rules based on the search intent and search history of your customers. You can obtain the best results by combining these tools with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


High Customisation

Salesforce is known to be a highly customizable platform, which bestows these qualities upon the Commerce Cloud as well. The platform allows you to build a unified experience for your customers according to your specific preferences and convenience. Based on the customers you are catering to, the products you are selling and the objectives you want to attain, our team will tailor the platform based on your requirements. This customization is available at every stage of the buying process and every aspect of your website, including the customization of the checkout process. Based on your preferences, you can allow your customers to make purchases through a single-page checkout, allowing them to complete their buying journey with a single click of a button. Being one of the first platforms to support payments through Apple Pay online, Salesforce Commerce Cloud ensures that your customers do not face any hassles while making purchases.

Seamless Mobile Customisation

Today, the majority of the online stores are visited by customers using their mobile phones. Owing to the flexibility and ease of operation, the majority of your current and potential customers prefer shopping online through their mobile phones. Keeping this scenario in mind, we help you in getting Salesforce Commerce Cloud customized for mobile phones. Our team ensures that you provide your customers with an efficient and hassle-free mobile-optimized online store. One of the biggest advantages of getting your online store optimized for mobile phones is the fact that Google has made mobile-friendliness of a site an important factor in determining its rank on its SERPs. You can, therefore, get your store ranked higher up in Google results pages by getting seamless mobile customization through the platform of Commerce Cloud.


Why Choose Our Services?

  • Before starting with the implementation, our team extracts all the necessary information about the profile of your customers, your organizational goals, and the targets you want to achieve in detail to customize our services according to your need.
  •  Apart from providing unified services to your customers, we also help you in designing a centralized platform for your in-house team to handle business processes with improved flexibility.
  •  Through our Page Builder solutions, we provide increased control to the merchants over the templates they choose and the content they create to market their products.
  •  We simplify and ease down the complicated process of handling all your products, catalogs, orders, inventory and all necessary product data to let you focus on the core objectives of your business.
  •  We provide you with multiple omni-channel features such as Order Management (order lifecycle management, real-time inventory visibility, etc) and Endless Aisle (accessing customer, inventory, and product data from Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud).
  •  We help you in setting up personalised A/B testing capabilities within the system for better merchandising. These capabilities are extremely helpful in taking care of aspects such as product promotions, merchandising logic, base sorting logic etc.
  •  You can also get some of the native features implemented in your system, such as native multi-currency, multi-store and multi-language capabilities.

It remains unparalleled when contrasted to different sales approaches as it offers both the customer account details and the data collected from the social platforms concerning the customer & product. This assists in estimating the capacity of a sales lead & quickly closing the sales. We, as a leading sales cloud in Salesforce service firm, are serving the clients with superior services with maximum satisfaction. No matter what is your organization size and which sector you are working in, we are the experts in availing you with best suited sfa salesforce solutions. Let have a look at some of the significant enterprise objectives accomplished through the Salesforce Sales Cloud


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