Big Data Consulting Services


Big Data Consulting Services

Get your big data tools and platforms audited and obtain personalized insights for making sense of your database through our big data consulting services. Lately, big data has been making waves in all major industries due to its increasing relevance in the markets. Organizations across the board have been generating, storing, accessing, and managing large sets of data that are difficult to be processed using traditional data management applications.

As your big data consulting company, we help you make the right decisions while choosing big data tools and using them in the best way possible. Out big data consulting services are designed to understand the specific issues faced by your organization, ascertaining the objectives you are willing to achieve, and helping you analyze your big datasets in the best way possible.

You can rest assured that our big data consultant will provide you with all relevant information and valuable insights that help your senior management to make important decisions regarding the functioning and well-being of your company. Right from determining the key areas to focus on and selecting the right big data tools to execute the tools and carrying out the analytics, our big data consulting services cover all major processes that involve managing and analyzing your big data.


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The Duties Of Our Big Data Consultants

A big data consultant has many roles to play and is responsible for looking into multiple aspects of big data management. Here are some of the major duties carried out by our team of big data consultants:

Auditing Your Big Data Tools

Our big data consultants help you in conducting an end-to-end audit of the big data tools and architecture implemented within your organization. Owing to the dynamic technological trends and ever-changing customer demands, it is important to keep your big data tools upgraded and in sync with the prevalent trends.

We conduct a thorough check-up of your big data tools and provide you with detailed reports about the same. This helps you in leveraging the use of these platforms and fixing all the issues that hinder their smooth functioning.


Conducting Technical Performance Tests

Whenever you implement a big data tool within your organization, it is important to make sure that it works according to your requirements and provides you with the intended results. Our consultants will conduct thorough technical performance tests on your big data tools to see how efficient they are in helping you make the right assessments. These tests would revolve around monitoring the technical functionality of your big data platform while dealing with a specific amount of workload. Through these tests, we help you in determining the scalability, stability, and performance of the tools implemented within your organization.

Implementing Proof Of Concept (POC)

Implementing big data tools always involves designing solutions for anticipated problems. The developers go ahead with an implementation idea only if it is feasible enough to be developed and deployed.

As your big data consulting company, we help you in making sure that a specific design/development idea suits your specific needs by implementing proof of concept. This helps your senior management to understand the implications of a specific big data tool and the likelihood of the platform being successful in providing the expected output.


Ongoing Evaluation Of Big Data Tools

Once you have implemented a big data tool within your organization, you cannot afford to leave it untouched until it starts showing visible signs of damage.

We help you conduct regular checkups and evaluations of your big data tools to ensure that they are consistent in their performance and are providing you with the desired results.

Providing Personalized Solutions To Improve BI

You can rely on our big data consulting services to improve the business intelligence of your organization.

We analyze the existing condition of your organization, the big data tools implemented, the business processes you intend to carry out, and the objectives you want to achieve to design personalized solutions and recommendations that help you optimize the use of your big data tools.


Providing Summaries To The Board

Our big data consulting services are not limited to conducting audits and designing personalized solutions. We also create extensive summaries about the state of your big data tools and provide the same to the Board. These summaries will provide a complete picture of the data management system within your organization. We make sure that all our services and approaches are of utmost transparency, allowing the management to rely on our summaries and use the same to make calculated decisions in the interest of your organization.


Industry Applications Of Our Big Data Consulting Services

Over time, several organizations, regardless of the scale at which they operate and the industry they belong to, have started adopting big data tools to analyze their database and streamline their processes.

Our big data consulting services are designed for organizations operating in all major industries, including:


When it comes to the retail industry, customer satisfaction holds the utmost importance for an organization. All retail processes revolve around making sure that the customers get exactly what they want and are provided with distinguished buying experiences. Through our big data consulting services, we help you in managing your retail big data in a way that you can provide personalized services to your customers and are able to provide individual attention to every customer you cater to. Through advanced big data analytics, we help you make sense of your entire database for effective merchandise planning and price optimization. A record of your transactional history and customer preferences helps you get the right merchandise to the right stores at the right price. We also help you obtain valuable customer insights that provide you with information that helps you cater to the specific needs of your customers and treating them in the best way possible.


In the healthcare industry, it has always been important to keep a systematic database of the patients, donors, and partners to streamline all relevant processes and providing the right services to the right lot. Through our big data consulting services, we help hospitals and healthcare centers in making sense of their patient records to provide personalized services to every patient handled by the institution. From keeping a track of a patient’s journey to provide automated healthcare services, we help you reach out to all your patients quickly, accurately, and more effectively.


Banking involves handling an ample amount of datasets pouring in from a number of different sources. Owing to the inherently sensitive nature of banking transactions, it is important to ensure that the database handled by the banks is secure, accurate, and precise. By helping you make the most of your big data tools, we help you in keeping a track of all your customer journeys and help you be there for your customers at every step of the way. Also, we help you in making use of big data management for risk assessment and fraud detection. With the help of advanced technologies like AI and machine learning, we help you feed big data within the systems that recognize specific patterns and catch the smallest irregularities within a transaction. This way, your system would alert you in case of any potential threat and help you analyze the amount of risk involved in carrying out all banking transactions.


Educational institutions rely on the data pertaining to their students, staff, and alumni for carrying out an array of activities. We help you make the right use of big data tools for assessing all your student records to track their journey within your organization from admission until graduation. Right from automating student support to providing necessary educational resources to your students as per their specific requirements, we ensure that your database is utilized in a way that you are able to provide dedicated and streamlined support to all your students and staff.


Apart from helping corporate organizations manage their big data, our big data consulting services are also designed to help Government institutions make sense of the public records held with them, analyze the same, and chart out important policies in the interest of the public.


Insurance companies deal with an array of big datasets like sensor data, weather data, telematics, drone data, aerial image data, and many more. Risk assessment and management takes center stage when we help insurance companies utilize their big data tools to provide personalized services to their clients and minimize potential risks and fraud involved in doing the same.


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