• To reduce the paperwork and multiple entries for the same estimation lines.
  • Had to navigate to multiple screens for creating the quote/estimates.
  • Calculate flexible discount according to customer algorithm
  • Had to manually add data on the estimate formatted document and then share with customer


  • Created Ligning Component in Salesforce to create estimations data which has related estimation line items which can be cloned/updated.
  • This also had dynamic discount calculations and quantity based calculations.
  • Created a custom functionality to generate dynamic pdf exactly the same format as expected with estimates included. Also sending it to customer dynamically


  • Reduced multiple data entry.
  • Single screen calculations for complex estimation screen
  • Reduced efforts

Setting up Salesforce

  • This is how they use to manually do the entry previously 
  • After implementing the new logic in SF, we made it much easier for them so that everything can be accommodated in one place