Unilift Cargo chose to improve its sales processes using Salesforce Sales Cloud. The project involved using lead, opportunity, contact, account, quote, and quote line item objects to cover their entire sales journey. They also wanted to make communication more efficient by integrating Outlook.


1. Complicated Sales Process:

Understanding Unilift’s sales cycle was hard due to lots of fields and objects, making it tough to figure out.

They didn’t have a clear grasp of their sales processes, making smooth execution a challenge.


2. Outlook Integration Problems:

There were issues syncing with Outlook, affecting communication and teamwork.


3. User Resistance to Change:

The introduction of a new system was met with resistance from some team members.

Adapting to the redesigned system and changing established workflows proved to be a significant hurdle.


1. Understanding in Detail:

We had many talks with Unilift team members to really get what their sales cycle involves.

We carefully looked at everything to understand what they needed fully.


2. System Redesign:

We started from scratch, creating a new system to simplify their sales process.

We made sure the system was easy for the Unilift team to use.


3. Fixing Outlook Sync:

We worked on the Outlook syncing problems to make it work better.

Communication channels were set up to make team collaboration smoother.


1. Easier Sales Process:

The new system made the sales process simpler and more straightforward, improving how things were done.


2. Improved Outlook Integration:

Fixing Outlook integration made communication better, helping the team work together more easily.


3. Better User Experience:

The easy-to-use interfaces made things better for the Unilift team, reducing confusion and increasing productivity.


4. Streamlined Processes:

Unilift now works with smoother processes, reducing problems and making their sales activities more effective.


Unilift Cargo’s Sales Cloud transformation not only tackled the challenges of a complex sales process but also made Outlook integration better for smoother communication. The success of the project came from working together, planning carefully, and truly understanding what Unilift needed. Now, they have a streamlined, efficient sales system that makes it easier for the Unilift team to handle their sales processes.