Problem Statement

Power Promotion is the largest casino promotion company in America. They are using salesforce to manage their complete business flow and manage their complete customer orders.  

Currently, they are facing a lot of issues in Salesforce with their existing flow which is not properly defined and it takes a lot to go in-depth with more clicks and navigation. It has been observed that it has caused a lot of human error and they wanted to rebuild it completely with a more user-friendly setup. To maintain a good CRM 


Client was already using the Salesforce platform to manage their entire business but It was not an organised flow which resulted in many errors and clashes while creating their various business requirements.


  1. They wanted a clean UI and proper arrangement for all the fields without searching for anything else in the entire org. 
  2. They wanted to get their system admin very less in terms of approving the products 
  3. Client wanted the Salesforce to be utilised and accepted by their sales representatives in an easy way. 

Solution Strategy

We helped the client build the entire flow from beginning to end taking reference from their existing flow and adding other required functionalities which were not in their existing system to run the flow smoother and hassle-free. 

We had this below major modules which we implemented. 

  1. Sales Order page (SO) 
  2. Purchase Order page (PO) 
  3. Sample order page 
  4. Email notifications and reminders 
  5. Managing inventories 

Sales Order

  1. The SO page is fully dynamic which gives a lot of flexibility 
  2. We can remove and add products again if needed 
  3. Ability to select multiple warehouses for single product 
  4. Ability to see the status of product for example- Partial, Completed, Not available 
  5. Can be edited again and approved on the same page instead of navigating anywhere else 

Purchase Order

The PO page that we have created is for the products that are not available in the warehouse or if the client wishes to order the products from vendors even if the product is available in the warehouse. PO will be generated only for those products whose status in SO is “Partial” or “Not available”


  1. The PO page is designed so dynamic that we get the option to select vendors for each product. 
  2. Additional quantity given by Vendor can be managed and flexibility has been given on which warehouse we have to store the quantity 
  3. Two types of Vendors can be handled on PO page- Prepaid vendors and Net vendor 
  4. Multiple POs are generated based on product and additional quantity. 

Sample order


The existing SO page that we have created is so dynamic that it even handles the sample order which is required for customers. Where the customer is not charged and the same product is added under the line item. 

  1. Designed in such a way that sample product can be ordered from Warehouse  
  2. Designed in a way that sample product can be ordered from Vendor 
  3. Sample products can be ordered from warehouse and Vendor (And combination) 

Email Notifications and alerts

Client requirement was to alert their sales representative as well as system admins on certain conditions. We have enabled email alerts as well as in-app notification. 

  1. At various stages we have used Email notifications and in app alerts to Notify sales rep and system admins 
  2. Quickbook has been synced with Invoices and Invoice has to be sent to client 


  1. Clean and crisp UI which helped client to navigate and reduce time for multiple clicks 
  2. Easy understanding on the SO and PO which was easy to track based on Single order or Sample order 
  3. Reduced Human efforts to check each and every stage because email alerts were introduced. 
  4. Variety of options available for each product to choose from different warehouse and vendors 
  5. Good Customer relationship management