Problem Statement

Needed a single system for lending industry which can

  • track the prospect Merchant and collect all relevant information and documents
  • screening of Merchants through Underwriting process
  • collaborating with Syndicators for Funding for the deal
  • Initiating funding process with Merchant as well as pay back to Syndicators
  • Tracking of all the payments
  •  calculating all commissions and providing a Dashboard for the same.

Solution Provided

Solution was designed into five stages with various Dashboards to check the data at any given point of time.
Stages : Origination, UnderWriting, Syndication, Processing, Renewal


  • created online web form which was also hosted on website, though which we can collect all the information related to Merchant and collect all the required document
  • Online Application/web form is used to capture all the relevant information of merchants and stored in Salesforce objects (Lead, Account, Opportunity, etc;) for further process of loan approval and sourcing
  • created a robust process to opt for new documents as and when required in the process to the Merchant
  • to avoid space constraints of SalesForce, attachments/documents were sent to DocuSign. So integration was done with DocuSignfor the same.
  • This is docusign form of all the captured information of merchant
  • Also, Ocrolus API is used to insert the pdf application directly into salesforce as Lead using data point provided by Ocrolus.


Background verification of Merchant was done just to make sure how much loan a Merchant can take so that he can properly return back the amount with interest

  • For this, there are several sections created in the UW module to verify information based on respective sections (Merchant information, Previous loans, Bank acct information, offered loan amount,etc;)
  • All the captured information is reflected in underwriting moule in respective sections for proper verification
  • Ocrolus API is used to collect the banking statements which directly provides Merchant monthly transactions
  • Decision Logic API is used to pull the bank statements of Merchant
  • Clear integration is done to check legal activities and credit score


various syndicators are invited to fund the deal


– once deal is 100% syndicated, loan amount is funded to Merchant

– Below shown criteria are defined for respective funders and accordingly, best offer/offers with lowest factor rate and highest term are are displayed in offers section of underwriting module

  • a suitable factor rate is approved and contract is signed using DocuSign
  • integration Integration of contract and docusign :


  • This module will be used when we have to Service the business loan which was given in Salesforce.
  • We have multiple Payment Processors to service the loan like ACH.Com, NACHA File based Payment Submission.
  • We can fund the merchant in Salesforce using any of the payment processors and do the Repayment in Salesforce.
  • We also support Syndication of a Deal and Payout them whenever we have a Merchant Payment Settled.
  • We are flexible to add another Payment Processor if needed.
  • We support multiple Payment Processors in a single Salesforce instance.
  • We have a lot of automation in place to do the check on How much balance is left from/to Merchant, Syndicators (If applicable), Adjustments of Payments if we Paid Less/More, Repayment Pause Automation and alert etc.
  • We are taking care of Bank Holidays while processing payments from a Payment Processor.
  1.  Syndication Wizard: Used to Syndicate the Deal, we can put as many Syndicators as we want on a Deal, wizard wont allow more than 100% Syndication, if we are syndicating less than 100% on a Deal then leftover will be participated by Us as a Servicer.

2 . Fund Deal: This page will be used to Fund a Deal where we are defining, Funding Amount, Factor Rate, Term (In Months), Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) and some fee calculations.


3 . Create Repayment: Repayment page will be used to create Repayment Schedule for a Deal once funded, here we can recheck the funding details and can change the Installment amount. We are validating all the Bank Account details present to Service the Loan.


4 . Complete Deal: This button will complete the Opportunity and will create a Payoff Payment in the name of Merchant whatever is leftover on that deal, this will be used on early pay out by Merchant.


5 . Create Renewal/Stack/Existing-New: This button will be used to Create Renewal/Stack/Existing-New Deal from a Deal.

Renewal: Closing the previous deal and taking more amount, so the balance will be transferred to the Renewal Deal from the previous one.

Stack: Taking another loan on top of an existing one, so we will be having 2 repayments for a merchant in a System at the same time.

Existing-New: The Merchant is already in the system and completed one loan already with us in the past.


6 . Repayment Chart: Repayment chart for a Deal which will show what and when the Payment was and will be processed for a merchant. We can email the chart in the form of PDF to Merchant, whenever they need


7 . Servicing Setup: We have one place to set up everything related to Servicing functionalities.