About Coptrz

COPTRZ’ Mission is to Revolutionise Organisations Using Drones by providing the end to end solution including training, hardware, consultancy and on-going support. We’re already doing this at scale to a customer base of over 1,000 organisations including Costain, Pfizer, PwC, BMW, Ford, Thames Water, Ministry of Defence & multiple Police and Fire Services​

Coptrz is providing the complete solution, through world-leading drones, cameras, software, training and ongoing support.


Setup and analyze  each component for existing pardot environment and optimized the utilization in pardot with enhancements.​

  1. Data and Storage​
  2. Compliance with GDPR
  3. Campaign & Website Tracking
  4. Scoring categories​
  5. Folder Hierarchy​
  6. Segmentation.


Data and Storage​ :

There are a lot of duplicate content. We did remoe the unused from content.​

No GDPR Compliance​ :

There are no GDPR single or double opt-in fields, GDP fields were introduced for handling the compliance.​

Campaign & Website Tracking​ :

Opportunities are associated to the same ‘Import’ campaign. We implemented the Pardot campaigns for attribution purposes and to track ROI.​

Folder hierarchy​ :

A folder hierarchy is implemented which allows for easier navigation and deeper insights into the scoring of prospects. This ties in with scoring categories). Initial thoughts for these categories would be to set up scoring categories for the services on the website. It can be as granular or as top-level as needed.

Page actions​ :

Page actions have been set up for key pages so we can build up a picture of how prospects are engaging with the site. These should be assigned to scoring categories so we can see what services the prospect is most interested in.​

Profile setup​ :

Profiles have been set up, these are aligned with the audience personas so we can understand the quality of each prospect. This is related to Grading of prospects.​

Segmentation :

Based on the rules the segmentation dynamic lists were created.


  • 100 % utilization of pardot.​
  • Increased B2B scoring and targeting for the prospects.​
  • Implemented more sophisticated method for profile targeting and engaging.​
  • 40 % ROI increase.

Integrations with Salesforce.com

  • Sales Cloud​
  • Pardot

Reviews Client received after Cloufi designed the solution to address all the bottle necks were very positive, creating repeat customers.

“Cloufi has implemented pardot as expected, The optimization of pardot to full potential acheived by removing the overheads, We are very grateful to cloufi for the  Implementation and Solutions ” – Hayley