• Had an issue with adding a promotion discount code feature on the custom PDP. 
  • Also wanted the promotional feature to work more flexible than what CloudCraze provides 
  • Needed a solution for the surgical buyer who knows what products he wants and wants to order quickly. 
  • Needed the customer reviews and ratings based on the purchase and/or on the product. 
  • No visibility to the customer about In Stock v Not In Stock until after order is placed. 
  • Missing customer reorders and having abandoned carts. 
  • Lack of marketing to reach out to potential customers. 


  • We created a work around to have the promotional code work for the custom pdp. 
  • We also extended the standard cloudcraze package classes to accommodate more flexible promotions as per client needs 
  • Worked on a feature for Mini cart where the user can directly add the product sku or name and relevant quantity and checkout. 
  • Added Ratings & Reviews for the order once fulfilled via custom page. 
  • Custom inventory management system In Stock v Not In Stock feature helped keep the B2B store user friendly and transparent real time. 
  • Pardot to Salesforce Automated Email enabled to gain back the customer from Past order history and abandoned carts. 

Benefits / Highlights

  • The long running issue for promotional code was resolved resulting in retention of customers. 
  • Motion plus started getting the feedback about the Order fulfillment and Products helping business in taking crucial decisions. 
  • Helped Motion plus not to get loaded to revamp the whole promotional feature. Instead fix existing ones with optimized efforts. 
  • Pardot helped Motion plus process the live traffic, Past order and many other parameters to run campaigns and get repeat orders and retain customers. 
  • Your solution was very helpful and exactly what I needed. I was already able to correct this issue and have production working correctly now.