• Managing, tracking and nurturing lead was manual and hence had many loop holes causing loss of leads. 
  • Dynamic Mapping Tool – Mapping Tool between source and target objects 
  • Collaborating/categorising the patients according to their genres was prospected to be fruitful 
  • Collaborating Sage Prep with some system was a need to collaboratively see the data for business decisions. 

Intended Outcome

Enrollment Wizard for generated Lead where decisions for the service providers are taken accordingly. Patient history is taken. 

Dynamic Mapping Tool – Mapping Tool between source and target objects 

Household Functionality – Lead field mapping without converting the lead  

Sage Prep application from appexchange to connect all the sage clients. 


Enrollment Wizard

Developed enrollment wizard to display the information about the patient for which services he has already enrolled or want to enroll. 

Decisions for the services for new and old enrollments can be taken. 

Accessibility for household in this wizard for hold the information of Parent Lead and Lead dependents. 


Developed the replica of Account which is having its related contacts. 

Even developed a functionality to create  Household for Lead and dependent leads without enrolling them for service providers. 

Head Of the Household

Button given on contacts to change the head of household i.e parent lead.  

Enrollment Mapping

When lead is created household is created we need to map between source and target objects. 

Sage Prep Application AppExchange

Appexchange product with this we can have standard Accounts and Contacts for connecting sage clients.