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What is the Collection in Salesforce?

Salesforce has developed a CRM that has caused revolutions in the technology industry. Earlier record management for different clients was very tough for customers since they did not have software that will manage millions of clients records in one place.

Things started to get better when people began to know about collections in salesforceSalesforce collections are a group of arrays or a storage unit that stores all the account details of the client.

For example, a client’s customer map journey, a client’s confidential details, a client’s purchase date can all be stored in one particular place. Since everything is stored in one place, salesforce professionals can deliver immersive customer experience.

Now it has to be noted that salesforce collection is divided into three types one is known as list methods in salesforce, the second is known as map methods in salesforceand the third is known as set methods in salesforce

Knowing the list method in salesforce

Lists act as a storage container in the salesforce platform.  Any objects that are identified to be apex type can be stored in the file. The list is always identified as 0, just like javascript. For further understanding, an example is presented below:


In this example, you will be able to see a list that data which will name all the cities

Now the salesforce professionals need to put an initial value to the list, which will appear something like this

Once the initial cost is declared, now the salesforce professional will try to make a list into account.

Once the report is made, its time, that the list of integers will be placed

Now it has been noted that list may contain any kind of number. It is recommended that you limit the size of the file so that the list methods salesforce runs seamlessly.

Methods to follow

List methods in salesforce follow a particular set of plans to determine the size of the list. Scope of the file can be provided if you place some frequently used methods such as add (), get (), bright () and set (). Take a look at the example provided below to have a better understanding

Once the size of the list is created, then your job is declaring the list of the file and use it Apex programming language

Knowing the set method in salesforce

From the above information, you see that the list is a storage container that stores all types of records. On the contrary set methods in salesforce is a way to store unique documents. Take a look at the example demonstrated below to have a better understanding of set methods in salesforce


This example will provide an example of sets in the manner in which a company is selling a certain number of products. Have a look

Here from the case. It is noticeable that the company is selling products like benzene, phenol and H2SO4.  Now the sets need to give specific value, and this procedure is known as set collection.  Watch the example below to understand the information provided

Know about the map methods

Salesforce map methods are a way to see the value of a variable. Since each variable has its own set of unique. Take a look at the example below to understand the map method in salesforce


Whenever you buy a product from an e-commerce website, you will see e a product code with the product name. To do this process for 1000 of products, Salesforce map methods are used. Take a look at the example provided below

The next step comes in creating a plan for these maps.  Let’s say that a salesforce professional is trying to sell an application to a customer. Now, this product will have a product name and the product code.  So, the salesforce professions type the name and the product code in their systems and product is visible information of him, for less than 5 seconds.

Learning the apex language to learn collections

When you become a salesforce professional, you would get to know that apex is made of three classes which are known as a list, set and map.  All these classes have a dynamic range meaning their range can be changed according to the convince of the salesforce professional. They help massively when a client’s information needs to be found out in the list of millions.

If you’re familiar with JavaScript, then you must know that their Java collections that a user for different business operations.  Same goes with the salesforce list methods and salesforce set methods


Salesforce has recently introduced some changes in collections in salesforce. Earlier, there was a limitation on the collection. Now there no limit to the number of collections, but there is a specific limit to the collection.

Sets form the data type collections

Most of the salesforce professionals have defined set as the collection of primitive data types. When never there is a need to store the group of multiple clients, the process of the set is applied? Check the basic syntax of the set that is provided below.

Let this article complete the demonstration of a set with an example. Here you will see that each set has its unique characterizes of the elements.  The exception comes when programming needs to be done for s Objects

The list is a collection of user-defined objects and apex objects

The menu has a new learning curve.  You would get to know how to use objects in Apex programming language. The method of using a list is similar as with the set. Instead of setting objectives to use list object. The basic syntax of the list will be portrayed below

Map denotes key-value pairs

When salesforce professionals need to find something by key. Then the process of the map is used.  Now it has to be noted that keys can be of various types like apex objects and primitivities. While the value can be any collection. The basic syntax of the map can be demonstrated below. Remember that the plan has an essential technical knowledge.

What is salesforce marketing cloud?

Salesforce marketing cloud is a system through which a customer relationship platform is managed. It builds and manages marketing campaigns also. The cloud system features integrated solutions for various types of solutions like content management, data analysis, advertising, social media campaign, email marketing etc.

It has a system of predictive analysis that generates the best suggestion for users. Salesforce marketing cloud has a feature called Journey builder, which helps to create the best marketing campaign. It makes the best possible marketing campaign based on customer demographic, needs, behaviour etc. The cloud system also generates a single view for each customer which is target specific and makes a segment with various customer’s journeys.

Hence, the salesforce marketing cloud not only manages data but also helps to build relationships. This feature is called an audience builder. The cloud system manages analytics by tracking and measuring the performance of the sales campaign and the whole journey. Then the system provides an insight about the customers with enhanced reporting of predictive analytic.

A user of the salesforce marketing cloud can manage all the assets and contents in one location that enables him/her to handle assets with tagging capabilities and advanced search options. Many content management tasks like sharing and approving content can be done securely throughout the organization.

What is salesforce consultant

Inside an organization, the most resource is salesforce consultant. They add various values to an organization, but the most crucial task of a sales consultant is to increase revenue. They analyze various aspects and influence of a business and develop an efficient solution.

A good sales consultant is an expert to use every aspect of salesforce to find solutions for every critical business problem. A sales consultant manages client relationships. The responsibilities of a sales consultant are not confined to these aspects only.

In short, a sales consultant meets with clients and suggests the best solutions that’ll increase sales or revenue. They often guide developers if they have any queries. They make meetings with customers in a proper sales environment to provide advanced product knowledge.

They further make the team with a different level workforce to ensure the best products are available and can be bought easily from the store. At last, they create and maintain follow up processes with customers to trace the satisfaction level. Lastly, the help retails associates to sell the products

Final words

From the above information, it is clear that collections in salesforce are significant, since its store’s lot of client’s information in one single set of arrays. Using groups, business operations can be made faster.

This is the reason why salesforce professionals can find one client in the database of millions. Also, you should know that using collection salesforce is kind of like using the javascript. Since a lot of functionalities in javascript and collections is kind of smaller. So, if you are familiar with JavaScript, using array won’t be a problem.

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