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Important Tech Trends That Would Dominate The Industry In 2022

As 2021 is coming to an end, organizations in all major industries are hoping to achieve growth and prosperity in 2022. 2021 can be considered as the year of recovery after suffering from the COVID crisis in 2020. Businesses across the world found it difficult to survive and sustain during the global pandemic.

However, the COVID spell led to the emergence of several digital tools and platforms that helped organizations streamline their processes. As more and more businesses operated remotely, they started implementing a range of automated tools to keep their processes going. For example, online collaborative platforms helped professionals to communicate and collaborate with their peers using a centralized platform. Tools like these have led to several technological advancements, leading to a significant leap taken over the last two years.

Whether you are looking for a suitable job in the IT industry or willing to grow your business with the help of advanced technologies, it is important to be well-versed with the trends that would be high in relevance in the year to come. Here are some of the most important tech trends that are likely to dominate the industry in 2022:

Rise In Predictive Analytics

Businesses are no longer willing to take risks when it comes to catering to their customers and undertaking specific processes. Predictive analytics tools have already gained enough traction and are likely to become more relevant in 2022.

These tools make use of technologies like AI and machine learning to assess large volumes of data and make valuable predictions out of the same. They help organizations in predicting the behaviors of their customers, forecast sales, and anticipate the revenue they are likely to generate over a specific period of time. The use of predictive analytics allows businesses to minimize risks and equip themselves with the right resources before undertaking their processes.

Automation Across Industries

Just like we shifted from manual labor to using digital platforms for getting our work done, we are now shifting from undertaking manual digital processes to automating them. Process automation is bound to get more prevalent in 2022, allowing organizations across all major industries to streamline their processes and save their valuable time and effort.

Now that organizations and institutions across the board are getting back on track, 2022 would witness a rise in the implementation of automated platforms in sectors like healthcare, education, law, finance, and many more.

Right from providing support to the customers/employees to automating repetitive processes, automation is going to help companies in making their processes easier and faster. Looking at the rough patch they had to go through over the last two years, process automation would provide corporate and non-corporate organizations with the much-needed sigh of relief in 2022.

Focus On High-quality Software

During the COVID crisis, users focused more on getting their basic needs taken care of. Now that the crisis has subsided and organizations are on the path to recovery, the focus would shift to the quality of software platforms developed. Right from the level of security offered by the platforms to the standard they are required to meet, IT companies and developers would now focus more on building and deploying applications that leverage the user experience.

A primary reason behind focusing on building high-quality software would be the increasing competition in the industry. Software developers are now competing with each other as several different platforms provide similar services to their customers. The only way to survive this competition is to stand out from the clutter by providing quality services to the users.

Rise In Smart Cities

Talking about the large-scale implications of technologies, we are likely to witness a rise in smart cities in 2022. Governments across the world have already started leveraging technological advancements in major global cities and this is only going to increase in the years to come.

As the global population is rising steadily, it calls for the cities to be well-equipped to handle the needs and requirements of their citizens. Smart cities provide their citizens with tools that streamline and automate a number of daily activities undertaken by people as they live their lives. The core of smart cities lies in making the lives of people easier with the help of advanced technologies.

Rise In Web 3.0

Also known as the semantic web, web 3.0 is the next big trend in the world of the internet that is aimed at being more autonomous, open, and intelligent. It is designed to interconnect large volumes of data in a decentralized manner – leading to a massive leap from the current systems where data is stored in centralized repositories.

In 2022, web 3.0, comprising decentralized data architectures, artificial intelligence, and edge computing, would become more relevant and prominent. AI allows users to clearly determine what they are looking for and provides them with personalized ideas and suggestions. Decentralized data architectures allow users to re-shape the peer-to-peer transactions. Along with the rise of 5G, edge computing accelerated user connections and leads to faster and more effective collaborations.

With these three components working in an interconnected manner, web 3.0 is all set to make our lives better in 2022.

Low-code or No-code Solutions

Heavy and tedious coding is no longer relevant in the IT industry. While developers across the board have already started using languages and frameworks that facilitate no-code and no-code development, the trend is only going to rise in the years to come.

Over time, access to enterprise-grade technology has been democratized, allowing organizations operating in all major countries to modernize their operations. Software development is no longer limited to the highly technical professionals who possess complete knowledge of coding and programming. In 2022, more and more non-technical users would be empowered to build robust and responsive websites and web applications without having to spend hours writing codes.

This trend aims at shifting the onus of software development from mechanical coding to innovative development. As long as an organization or a developer has an innovative idea, they would never find it difficult to build and deploy applications to manifest the same.

Greater Software Transparency

Over time, people have become more curious to know how software platforms work. With new inventions being made and new platforms being launched, software users have developed a knack for knowing what goes behind developing an application. Moreover, a steady increase in the use of software platforms has resulted in the need for privacy and security. Users downloading applications today need to know how and where their personal information is being used.

This makes software developers and IT companies obligated to be transparent about the software platforms developed by them. Over time, the need for software transparency is only going to increase, making it necessary for the app builders to answer all relevant questions revolving around where their software platforms come from, how they are developed, and how the users’ data is used by the developing organization(s).

Increase In The Adoption Of The Cloud Technology

More and more businesses are shifting from traditional storage platforms to cloud-based software. Cloud technology provides increased flexibility, scalability, and efficiency to users across the board. During the COVID situation, several organizations have already moved to cloud-based platforms. In 2022, the trend is going to continue with more companies joining the bandwagon.

Right from handling the customer databases via CRM platforms to migrating data between different platforms, the relevance of cloud technology is going to increase in the years to come.

Potential Increase In Deepfakes

Not all tech trends in 2022 are worth looking forward to! We have already witnessed the use of the deepfake technology across social media. Essentially, deepfake is a synthetic media technology where the existing image/video of an individual can be morphed and replaced with another individual.

While it is fascinating and fun if it is used for harmless entertainment, it doesn’t take much to misuse technologies like these. These AI-powered forgeries are likely to increase in the following year, putting prominent individuals and organizations in potential danger. Deployment of such technologies can have a negative impact on everything from public policies to social media platforms, leading to a breach in security, privacy, and trust.

Growth In The Voice Search Technology

Voice search technology has already found applications in multiple software platforms and applications. Looking at the increase in its adoption and the ease of operation offered to the users, voice search technology is likely to become more prevalent in 2022. With the help of AI platforms that “listen” to the users well and understand the tone of their languages, organizations can improve customer experience by leveraging voice search technology based on the needs and preferences of the users.

The Final Word

These were some of the most important tech trends to look out for as we near the end of 2021. Keeping these trends in mind would help you optimize the existing technologies and equip yourselves with the right resources to adapt to the new technological advancements.

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