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How To Become Shopify Expert?

Shopify has a 20 percent market share among e-commerce platforms. The Shopify platform is used by over 1.7 million merchants. The number of active Shopify sites will reach more than 2 million by 2022. Among U.S...


How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing The Recruiting Process?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are two technological advancements reshaping office environments and business operations. An AI-enabled business application might be anything from a more in-de...


RPA Consultant vs RPA Developer

The tendency of mixing up RPA Developer and RPA Consultant is found in maximum people. Both are completely different and have different purposes. To understand how they are different from each other, we need to...


Expo vs React Native: Which Is Better?

Over the past few years, React Native has emerged as the preferred mobile development solution for hybrid applications, along with the “write once, run anywhere” technology. It became more popular among develop...


Top 10 IT Companies in Pune

The need for IT is growing every hour. Every business now needs an IT department for various purposes like taking care of the software infrastructure, government policies, network maintenance, customer needs, a...


Salesforce Vs Workday: Which Cloud-based Platform Is The Best?

Cloud-based services and platforms have seen a significant rise over the last few years and more and more businesses are switching to digitized processes. Legacy data and platforms are no longer relevant for st...


How To Hire A Salesforce Administrator?

Salesforce implementation and operation depends a lot on the Salesforce professionals you hire. The services provided by skilled and reliable Salesforce experts help you in meeting your business objectives and ...

Pega-Vs-Salesforce: which CRM is best?

Pega Vs Salesforce: Which CRM Is The Best?

In the wake of steady digitization at a global level, the number of CRM platforms and solutions available in the market is increasing at a substantial rate. A simple Google search would provide you with a pleth...


How To Choose A Salesforce Implementation Partner?

How To Choose A Salesforce Implementation Partner? Owing to the vast and dynamic nature of the CRM platform, Salesforce implementation can get tricky. Especially if you are new in the realm of CRM are no...


Salesforce Console Implementation Guide

Digitization is all about process automation and streamlines business processes. Salesforce has been providing cloud-based CRM services to organizations around the world for more than two decades. Over t...