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Salesforce Premier Support Success Plans

Salesforce makes special considerations for its users when it comes to providing them with complete support and assistance. Salesforce support is widely known for its efficiency and tactfulness as the company is bent on improving the overall user experience.

Every Salesforce user gets the basic Salesforce support that helps them get their issues resolved and carry on with their work smoothly. However, if you are in need of additional and specialized assistance, you can avail of Salesforce Premier Support.

What Is Salesforce Premier Support?

Salesforce Premier Support or Salesforce Premier Success Support is specialized assistance provided by Salesforce to its users. It takes the basic Salesforce support a notch higher, making sure that all problems faced by the users are solved in a personalized manner.

The Premier Success Plans are developed for users who require extra and more specific help from the Salesforce experts in operating the CRM platform and carrying out distinct processes.

With Premier Support, you can improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of your work as you have certified Salesforce professionals and experts backing you every step of the way.

Such exclusive Salesforce support includes one-on-one mentoring sessions, round the clock assistance, and tips provided by the best in the industry. It is really hard to go wrong with a virtual support system as strong as this.

Driving User Adoption

Getting everyone in your team to switch to Salesforce is often one of the toughest and most important aspects of Salesforce implementation. Systematic user adoption is a must if you are looking at a long run of Salesforce within your organization.

For effective user adoption, you can choose from a variety of Salesforce support options where your team gets end-to-end guidance on carrying our different processes and understanding the different aspects of the rather complicated CRM platform.

Reliable Technical Support

Salesforce Premier Support allows you to have access to technical mentoring sessions by the experts where all your “How to” questions can be answered.

Whether you are looking for troubleshooting a code, managing your database, or solving any technical hiccups that come with Salesforce implementation, the Premier Support Plans help you in getting past every hurdle.

Boost Your Productivity

You will be able to achieve all your goals and reach all your targets only when your entire team is working at its full potential. On availing of the Salesforce Premier Success Plans, you can prepare your team the way you want to.

Salesforce support makes sure that your progress never slows down and you are not stuck at a point for too long. If you find yourself in a fix, you can seek quick and reliable assistance from the Salesforce experts and get going without any hassle.

As the experts help you in making the best use of the platform and use all its tools and features in an optimum manner. With such support, you can maximize your ROI and reach out to your customers/clients in the best way possible.

Admin Assist

As the name suggests, Admin Assist is an add-on to Salesforce Premier Support for helping the Salesforce Admins do their work efficiently.

Through Admin Assist, you can get wholesome assistance by experienced and Salesforce-certified Administrators who are well–versed with all the tricks of the trade.

Some of the processes made easier by this option add on include:

1. Building workflows

2. Developing reports and dashboards

3. Setting up and/or customizing roles and profiles

4. Setting duplicate management rules

5. Managing (importing/updating/deleting) Salesforce data

6. Creating custom formula fields

Success Guidance

Sales Premier Support comes with a plethora of advice and guidance pertaining to specific aspects of the CRM platform to help the users make the most of it.

The automated and optimized system of Salesforce support allows you to connect with the right expert at the right time. No matter what your problem is, you can rest assured that your case will be directed to the best in the concerned field of expertise.

Developer Support

As the name suggests, Developer Support is built for assisting the Salesforce Developers in carrying out the technical processes in a seamless manner.

Here, the experts and certified developers help you in troubleshooting, analyzing, and debugging pertaining to:

1. API Integrations,

2. Apex,

3. AMPscript, and

4. Visualforce code

Get Coached With Premier Accelerators

If you are willing to be mentored by the best in the industry, you can opt for Premier Accelerators, a very important part of Premier Success Plans.

Accelerators are specialized and exclusive coaching resources that are designed for helping you understand the basic and advanced aspects of Salesforce.

No matter which Salesforce Cloud you want help with, you can choose accelerators for that specific Cloud and go ahead with the mentoring sessions with the masters.

There are three major ways in which you can make use of this feature and obtain valuable knowledge pertaining to Salesforce – Accelerator Webinars, On-demand Videos, and One-to-one Sessions.

Accelerator Webinars

Based on the area you want to master and the topic you want to learn, you can opt for live or on-demand Accelerator Webinars. Here, Salesforce experts conduct a session on the topic of your choice that helps you in using the platform better.

On-demand Videos

This is as good as watching YouTube videos created by Salesforce professionals. You can demand hour-long videos that can be watched as per your convenience and speed, making learning more flexible.

One-to-one Sessions

These are the sessions you can have with the experts where you can interact with the experts directly. Here, the professionals help you in real-time and guide you in solving problems, minimizing errors, and employing the right tools in the right direction.

Major Topics Covered In Premier Accelerators

Salesforce Sales Cloud

1. Campaign Management

2. Admin Fast Start

3. Sales Cloud Einstein

4. How To Manage Leads

5. How To Manage Opportunities

6. Console Design

7. How To Set Up Gmail Integration

8. Designing Reports And Dashboards

9. Setting Up myTrailhead

10. How To Prevent Duplicate Records

11. How To Get The Most Out Of Forecasting

12. Setting Up Path In Lightning

Salesforce Service Cloud

1. Chat For Lightning

2. Agent Productivity Features

3. Digital Engagement

4. Dashboard Design

5. Dashboard Fast Start

6. How To Automate Case Management

7. How To Deploy Chat

8. How To Automate Work Distribution With Omni-channel

9. Lightning Transition Readiness

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

1. Advertising Studio

2. Admin + Deliverability

3. Email Studio

4. Building, Testing, And Sending Emails

5. Journey Builder

6. How To Automate Data Imports

7. How To Use Einstein Engagement Scoring

8. How To Use Marketing Cloud Connect

9. Email Reporting And Tracking

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (B2B and B2C)

1. On-site Research (B2C)

2. Products And Catalogs (B2C)

3. Einstein Product Recommendations (B2C)

4. Metrics And Analysis (B2C)

5. Multi-factor Authentication (B2C)

6. Search Engine Optimization (B2C)

7. Sorting Rules (B2C)

8. How To Organize Teams (B2B)

9. Feature Adoption Checklist (B2C)

10. Page Designer (B2C)

Salesforce Pardot

1. Google Organic Basics

2. Switching To Pardot Lightning App

3. New Admin Onboarding

4. B2B Marketing Analytics

5. Reporting

6. Global Marketing Strategy

7. Preparing For Implementation

8. Email Marketing Strategy

9. How To Use Automation Tools

10. How To Use Forms And Automation Tools

11. How To Use Salesforce Engage

12. How To Send List Emails

13. How To use Salesforce Campaigns

14. Database Hygiene Assessment

15. Optimize Your Pardot And Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Communities

1. Lightning Customer Community Fast Start

2. Lightning Partner Community Fast Start

3. How To Build Your Lightning Customer Community

4. How To Create A Public Knowledge Base

5. How To build Your Lightning Partner Community

6. How To Plan Your Chatter Adoption

Einstein Analytics

1. Event Monitoring

2. Einstein Discovery

3. Einstein Prediction Builder

4. Sales Analytics: Fast Start

5. Service Analytics: Fast Start

6. How To Load Data

7. Einstein Analytics: Health Check

Salesforce Premier Support Cost

The Salesforce Premier Support cost you need to pay depends on your specific requirements. Broadly, there are distinct editions that you can choose from – Standard, Premier, and Premier Plus

Standard (Included In All Licenses)

This is the most basic edition of Salesforce support and is available with every license you purchase. With this edition, you get specific assistance by learning the required concepts on Trailhead and Salesforce Community.

Premier (20% Of Net License Cost)

Along with all the features of the Standard edition, the Premier edition provides you with different Accelerators, exclusive phone support, developer support, and Success Guidance by Salesforce experts.

Premier Plus (30% Of Net License Cost)

This is the most advanced version of Salesforce Premier Support and provides you with Admin Assist (as discussed above) along with all the features provided by the preceding editions.

People often believe that learning and operating Salesforce is extremely difficult. That is not always the case. Taking one thing at a time, you can master the CRM platform with precision. At the end of the day, it is all a matter of finding the right support system.

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