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Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Top 7 Things You Need to Know

The business world seems to have witnessed a lot of evolution over all these years that passed by. With excellent Customer Relationship Management companies had been able to manage their operations really well and improve profits to a considerable level. Where Salesforce has had numerous benefits, knowing the individual good that could be possible with the help of various features of the same will let the users come up with the most appropriate results out of it. Salesforce marketing cloud overview will surely be perfect to help you handle operations even better.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud by Salesforce is a platform that seeks to deliver personalized journeys across different devices and channels relevantly. This helps marketers to extend the correct messages to appropriate people on time.

There had been many relevant reasons why organizations should be utilizing the marketing cloud. Diving deeper into what it is going to offer. One fact is, however, very clear that there are many lucrative aspects that these platforms tend to deal with and benefit the users.

Since all the business operations are conducted in order to satisfy your customers perfectly, it is worthy enough to look out for ways to know them better. No matter what products or services you deal with, Salesforce marketing cloud will let you channel all your operations really well, based on those.

Digging Deeper

As said before, the salesforce marketing cloud is known to be compatible with various different platforms. Knowing some more details about them will surely be a great idea to utilise it for the best of the organisation. Here are those:

Journey Builder

The journey builder could be a great option to help you let you build up or create one-to-one journeys at scale. You may deliver both complex and simple journeys for each individual that might be involved. No matter how large the customer base you have, you could always find the most appropriate solutions every time. Sales and service activities could be incorporated right into the journey. The Journey Builder could help you define and measure the accomplishment of specific goals, timing, CTRs, conversions, channels and much more. You can optimize your performance with perfect evaluation.

Audience Builder

The audience builder would help you build up a single view for all your customers, utilizing data from various sources including Service cloud, Sales cloud and other sources of data. Audience builder offers functionality that can instantly filter data from multiple sources. This is beneficial for your organization to aim at a smart audience. Apart from this, you also have the option to validate the audience and contact them when you think the right moment has arrived.

Content Builder

Content builder helps you manage, create and track content across all digital channels from a single location. The content builder offers you smart content blocks that utilize drag and drop technique. This allows you to create any content in one time and use it at different places. It also introduces various suitable algorithms that could help to determine and deliver the best content possible for all customers.

Personalization Builder

The predictive modeling and predictive analysis offered by personalization builder are powerful enough to be mentioned in any Salesforce marketing cloud overview.  It could be one of the best ways to understand the performance of each customer specifically. This is considered to be supportive for creating customer profiles. You can make use of these profiles for tailoring personalized content and ensuring its delivery across various channels.

Analytics Builder

You would be able to uncover various new insights about the customer base belonging to your organization. The analytics builder allows you to present considerable reports with the help of pie charts, bar graphs, scatter plots and other appropriate techniques of visualization. The analytics builder also provides reporting and email analytics which could be helpful for you to recognize the customer’s reaction on any of the campaigns that were conducted. This specifies whether they have clicked, opened or unsubscribed from the platform.

Marketing Cloud Connect

Marketing Cloud Connect lets you access the entire Salesforce customer data for all different salesforce products. You would be able to trigger activities that may relate interactions across Salesforce service cloud, Salesforce sales cloud or any other salesforce products.

Various Channels Offered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud

In order to help you interact well with your customers, Salesforce offers you 5 different channels that could improve the overall experience and results from the performance. Here they are listed:

Email Studio

Email studio could be used by your organization to create emails that are engaging enough for customers. With the help of email studio, you may channel your email campaigns well. Further, you can look forward to boosting the returns on investment with integrated predictive intelligence, A/B testing capabilities and various tools for email delivery. Also, with the help of email studios you may seek to target email messages considering customer data; filtering your subscriber base.,

Social Studio

The social tool offers you some really efficient social listening tools that allow you to handle conversations from various platforms. You would be able to plan, execute and track the accomplishment of various campaigns for social media marketing. Social Studio allows you to monitor the different social channels you own and take part in conversations at a large scale.

Mobile Studio

Mobile studio lets your organization acquire mobile-first mindset with MMS, SMS, group messaging and push messaging. You can send real-time notifications and alerts to the customers and help you engage with them within a moment. Any Salesforce marketing cloud overview will take you through the efficiency of this feature. The mobile studio will let you come up with powerfully built APIs that allow integrating efficient solutions for mobile marketing. With the help of geolocation technology, you connect and interact with the customers at the right time and place.

Web studio

Web studio offers you with various tools that let you create dynamic, beautiful web pages and content that is highly personalized. You would be able to track real-time customer interaction directly through your website and get appropriate insights from it. You can give away recommendations and personalized content with the help of web studio.

Advertising Studio

You would be able to manage ad campaigns and power digital advertising with the help of advertising studio. You can utilize customer data from more than one source to reach out to customers securely. This will also allow you to connect to lookalikes across different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. Managing ad campaigns at a larger scale becomes easier with advertising studio.

The final statement

Although there are numerous things that could be done utilizing the various features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, most of the organizations use only a few of them. Having appropriate knowledge about the platform and understanding the best way to make the best out of these opportunities could let organisations come up with excellent results every time.

Progressing further becomes really easy when you have a support like this one. This Salesforce Marketing Cloud Overview will surely let you make better decisions considering various futures goals and prospects for your organisation. You could continue expecting the best with it.

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