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10 Tips for Salesforce Project Success

Salesforce has been an important part of the business arena right from its existence, bringing up better roadmaps and successful implementation of respective goals. As far as the implementation of your Salesforce Project is concerned, you need to know that there’s no flip of the switch that will get you all tasks completed. There are some specific elements that should be clear to you so that the entire process is accomplished successfully.

Tips for Salesforce Project Success

It takes time to understand all elements that can drive in success for the goals you may have set. There is no space for hit and trial in business management. Hence, it becomes crucial to get to know specific solutions to issues that are likely to arise as you proceed.

Mentioned below are a few tips that can help processes move smoothly for you. However, it is suggestible that you use your judgment to make out what all is actually applicable to your case. Every project is unique and you need to seek solutions accordingly.

1. Consider Redesigning the process of converting Lead to Opportunity

It may be quite necessary to re-design business processes to make sure that Salesforce projects are implemented successfully. Certainly the conversion of leads to opportunities is going to be the most important process and it creates an effect on the heart or absolute beginning of the entire business procedure.

Reconsidering the process for leads to opportunity will help you come up with leads that are sales-ready and possess good quality. There are several aspects, you should clarify in order to complete redesigning successfully or else, you may end-up risking the Salesforce Project success.

2. Reanalyze your approach to user adoption

To ensure that your Salesforce Project is successful, it is necessary to see that users engage appropriately with your business. If you’re confusing user adoption with training, things may go wrong. Consider these points for user adoption:

  • Create an advantage for the users of the system. Something good for the users, will keep them connected.
  • Point out a disadvantage of not using the system. Notify how using salesforce is more beneficial and how using the current methods for work can keep them from accomplishing targets.
  • Scale user adoption. It will let you manage things efficiently. Collect all metrics that let you measure adoption for your business.
  • Once you have the metrics, clarify your expectations and manage user adoption proactively; as you will do for any other areas.

3. Get the right set of dashboards

Companies prefer investing in Salesforce to obtain improved visibility of the Sales Pipeline and performance. However, a wrong decision regarding reports and dashboard charts that are responsible to offer visibility may bring in failure. Your dashboards should offer you the following:

1. Information regarding the pipeline’s trend

2. Size of the pipeline

3. Key metrics presenting the quality of the pipeline

Lack of these details may cause the sales representatives beating around bushes and leading the Salesforce project towards failure.

4. Train the managers

While you need to get something worked out, it is important that everyone involved in the procedure maintains a disciplined approach towards things. The success of your Salesforce projects is dependent on how managers use dashboards and reports to improve further performance. It may be crucial for managers to analyze mistakes and work towards correcting them instead of blaming someone else for the same.

They should know how different reports can be used together to make out appropriate solutions for prevailing matters. Also, it may be considerable to ensure that managers have preferable education. Only good leaders will give the perfect direction to a team.

5. Do not make a soft launch

A soft launch occurs when a team does not engage perfectly with a system. There may be vases when you avail Salesforce to all but fail to insist on the maximum use of it. If the team proceeds with a perception that the system isn’t perfectly ready, they would fail to make the most out of it, worrying about the consequences. A hard launch is necessary for the success of Salesforce Projects.

Setting leaders for specific groups could be a preferable way to work. It may be difficult to train all users in one go. Therefore, it is essential to have a simplified alternative. Move according to the deployment plan that suits your business.

6. Let solutions include target tracking

Among sales people, targets are considered to be really important. Targets are although the most crucial elements for measuring performance of the sales team, it is often done outside Salesforce.

Implementing target tracking directly on your system is likely to make an impact on the success of Salesforce Project. However, it is also important to see that the target tracking mechanism provides with reports that are based on both historical performances and future potentials.

7. Scalable, Robust Architecture

Easy addition of a field is both the best and worst thing about Salesforce. It’s important to be judicious since creating fields over-enthusiastically may bring in complexities further. It may be suitable to plan the presentation before you execute it. Creation of fields isn’t the best way to start off for a robust structure. Seeking guidance from a Salesforce Development Company could be great.

8. Import Appropriate Data Regarding Outset

Your business already has to deal with varied data that belongs to leads, contacts, customers, past and current opportunities, and prospects. It may be in the legacy CRMs system or within the Outlook folders or spreadsheets.

Irrespective of what the case is, import data to your new system, before you go live. This is also the time when you can easily clean unwanted data and consolidate what you hold.

9. Use Products

There are various Salesforce functionalities that would prove to be useful to you for managing things even well. Moreover, Products is a feature that is known to be used for various Salesforce Projects. There are multiple features that ‘Products’ will offer you.

However, the fact that it’s a complex functionality to be included with Salesforce should also be considered. With proper knowledge and experience, you may be able to make most out of the benefits it holds.

10. Get Help

It may be difficult to handle everything alone. When you are expecting services that are technically up to the mark, it would be suitable to seek help from professionals. Seeking guidance from a suitable Salesforce Development Company may help you well. There are various strategic and compelling benefits that Salesforce can bring you.

When you’re sure that you are being directed correctly, you are likely to proceed towards accomplishments quicker than before. Speeding up procedures will also have an impact on success for Salesforce projects.

You not only need to expedite processes, but also ensure that they flow right up to the set goals. The above mentioned points will help you to ensure Salesforce Project Success.

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