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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Partners

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a robust CRM platform that help you streamline a range of marketing processes. Designed specifically for your marketing team, the Salesforce offering helps you identify the key prospects for your marketing campaigns and reach out to them across multiple platforms. Hiring reliable Salesforce Marketing Cloud partners helps you make the most of the platform and optimize your marketing processes.

Who Is A Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner?

A Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner is an individual or an agency that helps you implement the platform within your organization. The partner understands your specific needs and preferences to provide you with a tailor-made Salesforce solution.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud partners help you throughout the implementation process and guide you every step of the way. Right from analyzing your business needs to suggest you the best tools to implement, these Salesforce partners ensure that you make the most of the marketing automation platform.

Offerings By A Marketing Cloud Partner

An ideal Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you implement the most suitable offering of the CRM platform within your organization. Based on the audience you are targeting and the channel of communication you prefer, they help you reach out to your prospects in the best way possible.

Here are some of the major offerings by a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner:

Journey Builder Implementation

Marketing Cloud helps you cater to the individual journey of all your customers by keeping a track of the same. Based on your business needs, your Marketing Cloud partner facilitated Journey Builder implementation within your organization. They help you use the CRM platform to provide a one-on-one connected experience to your customers.

With Journey Builder, your Marketing Cloud partners help you understand the specific likes, dislikes, needs, and preferences of your customers by analyzing their actions across multiple platforms. They help you create personalized journeys for different customers on the basis of their engagement with your business.

Your Marketing Cloud partners also help you connect different channels with the help of Journey Builder to create a seamless and unified experience for your customers. This way, you can reach out to your prospects across platforms like social media, email, web, and more using a centralized CRM platform.

Email Studio Implementation

As the name suggests, Email Studio is a platform that allows users to create targeted email marketing campaigns. Based on the messages you are willing to circulate and the customers you are targeting, Salesforce Marketing Cloud partners help you tailor the platform for your organization.

They also allow you to automate your marketing campaigns to relieve your executives from sending and analyzing emails manually. Whether you want to send mass emails or targeted ones, your Salesforce partner would suggest the most ideal tools to work on.

If you are willing to take your marketing processes a notch higher, your Marketing Cloud partner would help you increase email conversions via Salesforce Einstein – the AI component of Salesforce. This would help you predict the segments from your audience that are most likely to respond positively to your emails and engage with your business.

Advertising Studio Implementation

For several years, advertising has been one of the most effective means of reaching out to the target audience. Your Marketing Cloud partners help you leverage your processes by helping you implement Advertising Studio based on your needs. Through the automated platform, they help you create targeted and personalized ad campaigns across multiple channels.

Advertising Studio can be used to make the most of your customer data stored acrossSales CloudService Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. Whether you are willing to propagate your promotional messages via Instagram, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or any other suitable platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud partners help you display ads and keep track of the same from a centralized platform.

Moreover, your Salesforce partners assist you in automating the process of sending leads acquired through your ads to your CRM database for getting nurtured. This leads to the creation of robust marketing-to-sales funnels, leveraging your business processes.

Interaction Studio Implementation

With Interaction Studio, your Salesforce partners help you unify the interactions you have with each of your customers across multiple channels. They also assist you in synchronizing digital and offline interactions by taking into consideration touchpoints like ATMs, POS, on-premise/in-store engagement, call centers, and more.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud partners help you use features like rule creation and frequency capping to facilitate the delivery of personalized content and customize all your ongoing campaigns.

Salesforce DMP Implementation

Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Data Management Platform (DMP) helps you collect, store, and use valuable customer data to personalize your marketing processes. Your Marketing Cloud partner assists you in creating unique customer profiles to store all relevant details about specific customers at a single location. This helps you deliver personalized and consistent campaigns to obtain the desired traction.

Through Salesforce DMP implementation, your Salesforce partners also help you configure data settings to control consent management and stay in tune with the consumer rights management regulations across the board. This allows you to stay ethical in collecting and using data pertaining to your customers/prospects.

Mobile Studio Implementation

Through seamless Mobile Studio implementation, your Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner helps you connect with your customers by sending them personalized messages on their phones. Just like sending emails, the Marketing Cloud offering allows you to create and send mass text messages to multiple contacts at once, saving your employees time and effort.

The Salesforce partners shoulder the responsibility of building targeted and engaging SMS marketing campaigns to provide you with the desired traction. They assist you in compiling user profiles by gathering customer behaviors and preferences on a centralized platform. This captured data can be used to craft tailor-made text messages and deliver the same to all your prospects and customers.

The Mobile Studio can also be used for scheduling alerts and trigger messages to interact with the right customers at the right time. With the help of Einstein, you can seek the assistance of your Salesforce partners in using the CRM platform to predict the engagement and behavior of specific customers.

Social Studio Implementation

As the name rightly suggests, Social Studio allows you to create personalized, targeted, and interactive social media marketing campaigns. Based on your business requirements, your Marketing Cloud partners guide you in implementing and using the platform to obtain a 360-degree view of your customers across multiple social media platforms. With such a holistic view of your customers, you can make robust marketing decisions and reach out to all your customers in the best way possible.

Moreover, your Salesforce partners provide you with a collaborative space for creating engaging content for different social media platforms. In the age of digitization and immense competition, creating unique, quirky, and stimulating content is the only way to sustain your presence on social media. With the Social Studio, you can create, schedule, and post specific content on specific social media platforms using simple drag-and-drop tools.

Data Studio Implementation

Data is rightly referred to as “digital gold” in the age of information and digitization. Data Studio is a Marketing Cloud offering that allows you to connect with a range of marketers and publishers in the industry to acquire valuable data and obtain insights about your customers.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partners help you implement Data Studio in a way that provides you with valuable audience insights by partnering with some of the world’s best providers of data. The reporting, provisioning, and data management tools of the platform allow you to maintain the consistency of your data strategy and share relevant data while complying with privacy regulations and consumer rights.

Important Considerations Before Hiring Marketing Cloud Partners

It is never advisable to hurry while looking for the right Salesforce Marketing Cloud partners for your business. A lot rides on your marketing campaigns and the decision should be made with precision.

Have a look at some of the most important considerations to keep in mind before hiring Marketing Cloud partners:

Know Your Marketing Objectives

Always make sure that you are aware of the marketing objectives you are willing to attain through Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation. This would allow you to work in unison with your partners while creating your marketing campaign(s).

Identify The Marketing Channels To Be Used

At the very least, have a rough idea about the marketing channels you are willing to use for reaching out to your prospects and customers. This would provide you with a sense of direction and help you explain your objectives to your Salesforce partner better.

Never Prioritize Budget Over Quality

Finally, avoid making the mistake of finalizing the Marketing Cloud partner offering the cheapest services as opposed to choosing quality services. It is always better to spend more and aim for a higher ROI instead of spending less and fear losses.

The Final Word

Marketing Cloud partners provide you with end-to-end implementation and consulting services when it comes to the Salesforce product. With their assistance, you can leverage the potential of your marketing team and carve your niche in the market.

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