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Top 10 IT Companies in Pune

The need for IT is growing every hour. Every business now needs an IT department for various purposes like taking care of the software infrastructure, government policies, network maintenance, customer needs, and security testing. Hence choosing the right IT Company for your business would ensure the safeguard of confidential information and boost productivity.

As a lover of technology, if you looking for the best IT companies to take care of your business needs, you are at the right place. We have carefully formulated the list of the best IT companies in Pune that will serve as an asset to you.

1. Techila Global Services

Every business needs a tailored CRM that would help them to scale and Techila global services fit into that picture perfectly. With more than a decade of experience in salesforce CRM, the professionals present in this company would help you migrate your data, integrate third-party applications with salesforce and give you a seamless user adoption platform.

When you are connected with this company you don’t have to worry about every changing business need as they are always connected with the latest technology trends to streamline your business process. If you are unable to upsell, cross-sell or fail to develop personalized campaigns for your consumer, Techila Global Services would mitigate this issue effortlessly. They are capable of both mobile and web-based platforms so you don’t waste time in marketing and promotions as they will have it handled for you. They have their offices both in US and India.

2. Mind Browser

A youth-based company that is known to deliver projects on the timeline and provide the customer with high-income returns has been the highlight for Mind Browser. Their customer testimonials have been featured in Discovery channel, Cosmopolitan magazine, TechCrunch, and Product Hunt. Their customer base has also been known to receive million dollars funding from Simons foundation

3. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is spread across 90 countries and has a net worth of $5.2 billion. It is known for providing tailored IT services and has been providing BPO services along with it. They serve in a variety of industries like artificial intelligence, banking, manufacturing, and many more.

4. Cyient

A technological and engineering company that has been able to stay ahead since it let customers stay focused on their core innovative technology.  The professionals present in this company have great domain knowledge, analytics capacities, and technical experience to solve any complex business problems.serves a variety of industries like defense, aerospace, telecommunications, and railway.

5. BMC software company

This company handles booth mainframe computing and software solutions. They have a wide  range of cloud services that have helped several customers to streamline their business and make their presence known worldwide

6. Synechron

With its headquarter in New York this company has a total of 22 offices across the world.  Their service is mainly focused on the banking sector, which tells us that they help asset managers, insurance companies, and banks to get accustomed to technology and boost their online presence.

The annual revenue of this company is estimated at 650 million and they improve each passing day. Their main investment goes into developing finance technology so that it could solve ever-growing customer problems. Also, the management in this company brings the best side of you, since they care a lot of the development of the employees

7. Pubmatic

The main goal of the company is to promote biz technology. They have a cool IT space to work in. the company gives employees growth from time to time and makes sure that employees have job satisfaction while working with them. They are new to Pune but have already managed to come in our top ten list

8. Talentica

If you are a business owner that has an innovative idea but struggling to make it to reality. Then this is your key company. They are a company that takes immense pride in turning clients’ ideas into a global sensation. Their main target is the startup companies who need support to make their idea known to the world.  By making the client outcomes successful they have hit the bull’s eye in terms of ownership, creativity, and performance

9. Cisco

needs no introduction as they come as a giant when we talk about hardware and telecommunication. Did you know the idea of LAN was invented by them? Their services are divided into three areas known as networking, IoT, and data security

10. Cybage Pvt Ltd

If you need a company that takes care of your engineering of making a particular product then this company should be your first choice.   Their team is known for productive breakthrough services and products that why their client retention is 100 percent.

They follow a 1:1 approach with the client, to understand the client’s needs and then come up with an organized plan to execute it.  By knowing the client insights, they can price a successful product in the market

Final thought

We have listed the best IT companies in the market today so that your business needs can find a place where it can get executed successfully. These IT companies have talented professionals who are the best in  their profession and they treat you as their family. We would love to know any company that you think should make this list of Top 10 IT companies in Pune. If there is one please feel to comment below and let us know

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