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Difference Between Salesforce Customization Vs Configuration

We are aware of the fact that salesforce is one of the powerful tools that work in relationship with customer management dealing with all the aspects right from the Salesforce customization up to the configuration of all the processes inside the business. Many times, it is in the practice that people use configuration and customization in Salesforce interchangeably. In this digital piece, we will learn that these two terms are different from one another.

What do you understand by a configuration in Salesforce?

Whatever actions that you can take inside the system of customer relationship management deal with the salesforce configuration. It also conveys that you can easily insert a field that makes the use of specific guidelines and formulas for achieving the goal. In other words, the configuration in Salesforce allows us to perform actions using the user-defined values of one particular feature. All these tasks can easily be performed by you but undoubtedly a Salesforce administrator is proficient enough in getting optimized results with Salesforce customization.

Considering the examples of salesforce configuration

Preparing an email is one of the examples that deal with changing the fields and the workflows and also customizing the interface of the user.

What do you mean by customization in Salesforce?

The customization in Salesforce deals with the process of developing custom and coding so that developers can easily add robust features. Adding such features to the customer relationship management platform helps in integrating the various processes present inside the business and finally results in scalable output. There is a need to extend the efficiency and functionality of the platform which will expand the scope of business actions. Some of the instances of Salesforce configuration are using different third-party integrations, apex classes, etc.

Some of the best practices of configuration Salesforce

The Salesforce configuration has an important role in utilizing the platform efficiently. Let’s look at some of them in detail:

Running the field utilization reports

With this particular best practice of Salesforce configuration, proceed with the identification of the news sources that may hamper the system and the data as well. The best strategy for tackling such risk is to remove the required number of fields that are maximum blank. Salesforce developer advice to depreciate the field that is left consistently blank with the majority of 95 percent. You have to keep in mind that the field does not get removed from the customer relationship management platform.

Deactivate the non-active users

Keep in mind that all the non-active users should be deactivated after validating a reason. Also, make sure that there is no deactivation of the users unnecessarily. All the members and users who are no longer part of the company can be deactivated. These actions will increase the efficiency of working of the Salesforce platform.

Regular check on the errors

It is advised that you have to examine the configuration of salesforce continuously and make the evaluation of all the errors and risks. You have to consistently perform the actions such as giving the logs for avoiding any technical glitches. Make sure that whenever there is a synchronization of the external applications within the existing system; remove the errors for avoiding the new pattern of errors.

Examining the login history table

The configuration in salesforce helps us in examining the user lockouts and hence one should be the careful number of login errors.

Running the APEX test

This particular test is executed for SFDC configuration. With this, you can easily figure out the errors and go in favour of data cleaning up. You can also make some alterations to the rules and regulations.

Update the setup audit trail

It is one of the best practices of Salesforce configuration that deals with making the changes such as deletions and insertion of new fields. Alternations can be made at the time of managing the fields during the last week and you have to make sure that you are recording the number of changes you are making now and then. Also, you have to annotate or document the number of changes in the original scope.

Executing configuration in Salesforce

For the execution of the successful customization, terrace and best practices need to be followed like:

1. You need to go ahead with the planning of the customization and thereby you can make the prioritization and Organisation of all the changes inside the customization in Salesforce program.

2. You can also utilize the sandbox for the creation of the customizations in Salesforce keeping the other users untouched.

3. You can easily grab the advantage of the Salesforce experts to use some of the advanced automated tools for helping in the customization in Salesforce.

4. You also need to test the procedures again and again before finalizing them for deployment.

5. You should make sure that you are using the structured conventions for making the interaction level better which should be simple and concise at the same time.

6. You can also meet the use of the details which are existing in the salesforce platform and can add more details for help in the other developers to enhanced understanding of the customizations. You can also make some changes for preventing your system from getting duplicated.

7. You can also introduce the provision of the help text for the existing and upcoming users for making the use of customization convenient for them.

Some of the most have Salesforce configurations

Layouts and themes

There are some inbuilt themes and layouts which are embedded inside the Salesforce platform which help in making the salesforce platform more interactive and innovative. These actions can be done by leveraging the configurations for changing the layouts and themes in the configuration in Salesforce.

Managing the action such as changing the logos

It is one of the must-haves concerning the Salesforce configuration. You can change the logos depending upon the requirements or scenario of the company.

Inserting the field levels and customization of the object

The action of adding the field levels and the custom object can easily be done by configuring the Salesforce platform for streamlining the workflows and grabbing the advantage to the maximum extent.

Some of the most have Salesforce customizations

Management of the customer portal

For enhancing the experience of the end-users, we can easily customize the client portal for grabbing the best benefits associated with communication and streamlining the workflows to boost the growth and development of the company and business.

Customisation of the dashboards

If you have to achieve a 360-degree view of all sorts of processes inside the business, you can easily customize the dashboards for grabbing the business opportunities and representing the data innovatively. For increasing productivity and higher efficiency within the team members, you can make yourself set for customization of the dashboard.

Customising the views

It is one of the best practices of customizing the views regularly for improving the performance of the business. It also ends up in the seamless experience of the end-users and helps in extending the functionality of the platform. It helps in eradicating the frequent issues associated with default restrictions and offers several features for working with the functionality such as options to upload the attachments, etc.

What is the best possible way for managing the business needs?

If you are confused between the Salesforce configuration and the Salesforce customization, you need to first evaluate the needs of the business.

1. First step is to choose the salesforce configuration. You need to think a lot before making any type of investment whether in terms of money or time. Also, check the functionality through the Salesforce customization. Send me the use of the functionalities and inbuilt module to streamline the business processes and workflows.

2. These inbuilt features help make the business processes efficient and interactive.

3. There is a large number of users that are making use of the Salesforce platform for the past many years. Therefore, you should develop the capability of managing the budget and time as well.

4. One of the best solutions for efficiently managing the system is to get the sales force consultancy so that you can make the best utilization of the smaller number of resources.

How to choose a Salesforce customization?

You need third-party integration processes for managing the actions efficiently. Moreover, there should be the proper procedure for the preparation of dashboards and report to make the platform interactive. These procedures also help in increasing the probability of obtaining the desired output within the stipulated time. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the end-users to become compatible with the configured platform and therefore you need a budget for customizing the actions and set the timeline for the same.


We hope that you have successfully got the idea of how to differentiate between the Salesforce customization and configuration. Now you can easily understand and implement the notions concerning managing the configuration in Salesforce and the customer relationship platform that is Salesforce. The Salesforce configuration helps you to sort out several issues in association with the risk management and definitely, you can take the help of the Salesforce implementation checklist.

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