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What is the difference between salesforce and salesforce platform license

Every individual engaged in a business enterprise tries to make sales cost-effective reducing the licensing cost in some or another way. Specifically, the administrators who all are using sales for enterprise and the developer editions of the various kinds of products that they might have purchased, have found an alternative that can substantially help them in reducing the licensing costs.

Salesforce licensing platform is basically designed for the users who actually require full access to all sorts of tools present within the scope of the system. Moreover, the types of licenses inside the Salesforce platforms are responsible for the creation of those active users who are in the need of access to the different types of applications in Salesforce.

Salesforce platform license was formerly known as force.com, nowadays is working in favor of giving some of the access and formations to the users and individuals after creating the same database in co-existence with Salesforce. Today we are going to learn all the differences and similarities between the Salesforce platform license and Salesforce. Hope this will serve as the complete guide about salesforce platform license and salesforce

The following digital piece is going to cover-

1. What are Salesforce licenses?

2. What are Salesforce platform licenses?

3. Differences between Salesforce and Salesforce platform licenses

4. How can we reduce the Salesforce licensing costs?

5. Parting tips

6. FAQs

What are Salesforce licenses?

Salesforce is one of the customer relationship management systems that is specifically designed for individuals who are in need of full access to the standard applications and semantics of CRM. Users are constantly trying to have full access to Salesforce app exchange applications. Furthermore, the user who possesses this kind of license type in Salesforce has the right to access any type of standard or customized application without any restrictions further.

The benefit of the Salesforce license type is that each kind of license has a provision of additional Storage for a particular business firm and also available for the performance edition users. It is with regard to the salesforce customer relation management system execution that creates a greater value degree for the organization that ultimately, helps in increasing the sales and Finance.

What are Salesforce platform licenses?

Now we shall grab what is salesforce platform. Salesforce platform is for the lightning platform under user license types that are basically designed for those individuals who are in the need of to access the customized applications. There is one major limitation to the usage of the Salesforce platform where the users cannot access a standard customer relationship management functionality.

The individual users have granted permission under this user license to access all sorts of custom apps that are administered under the development of the organization. Also, the users are entitled to utilize the apps developed or install an edition of the Salesforce App exchange.

There are many core platform functionalities that can be used by these users that include reports, documents, accounts, contacts, etc. There are some limitations associated with the lightning platform user license that includes the failure of entitlement to the user permissions and some of the standard applications.

The user is basically not entitled to utilize the standard tabs and distinct objects that comprise the campaigns and leads including the opportunities and forecasts. The implication of the Connect Offline can also be utilized by such users who are entitled to the Salesforce license platform.

Also, all the individual users have full granted access to all the custom apps present inside the organizational firm. The license provided under this platform has the provision of additional Storage for performance and unlimited users. After the implementation of the customer relationship management system under Salesforce, the sales department has the responsibility to allocate the usages of the high degree values for the business enterprise for knowing about what are the different salesforce licenses.

The organization’s scope is expanding in different directions where the administrators of Salesforce are allotted a specific task for the customization of objects and finally develop the additional regions of Salesforce that can be handled for the creation of new data sets for different levels of departments according to the role hierarchies.

It is observed that the major number of operationally focused users are not demanding access to some of the customer relationship management objects and other functionalities lie within the Salesforce sales cloud or in the case of enterprise edition. Now we shall compile some of the CRM objects.

1. Contracts

2. Leads

3. Forecasts

4. Products

5. Opportunities

6. Orders

Differences between Salesforce and Salesforce platform licenses

Now, let us understand what is the difference between salesforce and salesforce platform licenses.

The designing criteria for the salesforce licenses are majorly inclined towards the grant of full access to the standard objects under the Customer Relationship Management System and app exchange apps.

There is a requirement of standard objects for the implementation of CRM apps that includes-

1. Leads

2. Opportunities

3. Forecasts

4. Cases

5. Solutions

The designing criteria for the salesforce licenses platform are in the favour of granting access only to the custom apps and there is no permission to grant in case of uses of standard CRM functionalities.

We can see that these Salesforce platform users definitely have full access to the core objects under Salesforce standard and functionality that includes-

1. Accounts

2. Contacts

3. Reports

4. Documents

5. Custom tabs

6. Dashboards

There are major functionalities that are covered under the Salesforce lightning platform and the same offers about 10 customized objects sharing the same functionalities. They are as follows-

1. Alerts

2. Apex

3. Appexchange products

4. Email templates

5. Integration via API

6. Salesforce mobile app

While comprehending the points under salesforce vs salesforce platform license, some of the applications which are frequently launched in Salesforce include Human Resource Management, tracking of bugs, development of software, and tracking the attendance. Now it is compulsory that every individual user present in a business organization and using the sales force should possess a license so that the costing can be quickly incremented.

The main benefit of Salesforce platform licenses is that it provides some of the users a less expensive platform along with the credentials that are helpful in the reduction of the overall cost of licensing. Apart from that, it ensures the delivery of full access to all the users to the records and data on which they are depending.

How can we reduce the Salesforce licensing costs?

Salesforce is witnessed as one of the most popular customer relationship management systems across the countries and it has become highly appreciable among all the big organizations which are engaged in sales and marketing. But licensing cost has become the major criteria for, especially the middle and small-sized firms who are facing a tough challenge to reduce the complexity of the cost.

Here are some ways through which you can reduce the licensing costs and enforce the Optimization for your sales.

1. Selection of the license according to the requirement

1. You should be smart while selecting and choosing the license that suits your requirement since the majority of the companies blindly buy the Enterprise edition of the Salesforce licenses without thinking about their applications and utilities.

2. Every company needs complete access to all the applications and standard customer relationship management guidelines after choosing a particular license

3. If you want a license that is free from restrictions and that offers full access to every kind of customized application and standard customer relationship management system, you should check it 5 times before the selection of license. Since you are paying a very huge amount and therefore you have the right to investigate across all kinds of licensing platforms that offer you standardized services.

4. There are several smart choices available that can be adopted from the pool of licensing options and the business organization can fairly enjoy the licensing rights that allow them the usage path to access the customer relationship services without the payment of any big license fees.

Some other smart choices for why choosing licensing options are as follows-

1. a. Salesforce platform license

This particular option is the best suitable option for those business organizations that are in urgent need of an in-house team. The major benefit of using such a license is that it has the provision to offer access to all sorts of customized applications being developed by the organizations or exchange editions while deciding about salesforce platform license cost.

Both kinds of licenses have equally important functionalities and both are designed for the creation of customer objects. They both have the capability for handling the new data sets and so they are not in the need of any readymade customer relationship management objects that include- cases, campaigns, solutions, etc.

1. b. Be careful before signing up for the different packages

Sometimes blindly without any verification, we make the selection of those packages before any kind of research. We should be aware of all the dos and don’ts before picking up a deal. If you want to access the social tools for example- Heroku, etc.

You can make use of social enterprise license agreements that is now it is very popular in making them attractive propositions e for all sorts of businesses specifically for small and Middle-sized business organizations.

The basic applicability is responsible for the deployment of the bulk processes and the software named salesforce.com. Search portfolio can be used on a regular basis rapidly but does not cost-efficient. It is even more expensive in comparison to the standard subscriptions for various businesses that fail to scale up and adopt the heavy volume of the software applications in the protected time framework.

1. c. Purchasing Force.com licenses

1. If you want to really save your costings for the organization in taking the subscriptions, you can definitely access forced.com life which is far better than other licensing platforms in comparison to Salesforce Enterprise Edition. The major benefit lies in the reduction of the licensing cost. The licensing cost for the Salesforce platform user license enterprise begins from $1500 for one year while taking a single license whereas force.com and initiates its licensing cost from only $300 per license for a single year. So, this is how you can save $1,200 by opting force.com enterprise.

2. com app addition has the facility for upgrading the users and their access to up to 200 custom objects which are limited for one year at the licensing cost of 960 dollars. You can save your 540 for one year per license if you avoid choosing Salesforce Enterprise edition that offers only 10 custom objects offering similar functionality. Under force.com licensing, there are two types of license platforms namely force.com one App license, and force.com free license.

3. The former is basically used for those users who are in the requirement to access only a single custom application whereas the free license platform allows the individual users to customize the objects without allowing the freedom to access the standard functionalities.

4. The limitation is covered in such a way that there is no permission to access the standard functionality is under the Customer Relationship Management System but they are responsible for allowing access to the platform functionality such as custom tabs, reports, documents, and contacts. Still, these platform functionalities have some restrictions viral asking for user permissions.

5. One more option associated with Salesforce platform license sing is to use a licensed am Salesforce platform light. This is best suited for medium and small-sized business organizations but it holds one limitation that describes the log-in limit of a particular user for every month.

Parting tips

This digital piece has guided you in all respects about the semantics of Salesforce, the differences between Salesforce and Salesforce platform license and, the various tasks undertaken in a dynamic environment. Hope the explanation is conveyed in an understandable manner. In case you have queries, you can definitely fix the consultation with our Salesforce Support to proceed ahead with the process evenly.


What are the Advantages of Salesforce licenses over Salesforce platform licenses?

There are many advantages of Salesforce license is over Salesforce platform licenses which include-

1. The management of internal users in an efficient manner

2. The process of authorization of Apex

3. The management of the packaging licenses

4. The management of sharing and the login access policies

The licensing cost for the Salesforce enterprise initiates from 1500 Dollars per year per license whereas, for Force.com, the initial cost is $300 per year per license.

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