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07 Major Benefits of Using Salesforce

People often say that salesforce makes business operations faster. If you ask them how? there would be no answer. Since they have not researched the benefits of using salesforce in detail. This is the reason why this article has come with the top 7 benefits of using salesforce. So that you may know, how salesforce has revolutionized the technical industry


1. Complete information of the customer

The reason why companies have stayed with salesforce id she the fact that salesforce information has both quantity and quality.  When a salesforce professional uses salesforce, then the professional has the privilege of having all the information of a particular audiovisual. So, when the professionals have every task, event, opportunity, account information of the individual. They are able to approach potential customers with much more confidence.

Realize that salesforce stores customer information one single storage unit. So, a professional can look at the client or customer information at a given point of time. The professional also sees, that which client is assigned to which representative.

In addition, salesforce allows sharing of information., this means if a salesforce professional plan on going top vacation. Then the individual can do so since the task that was assigned to the employee can be passed to someone else

2. Account management is easy

When you have all the customer information, then it allows you to manage their accounts easily too.  There is an option in the salesforce platform known as a to-do list. So, you plan your task accordingly. In addition, salesforce allows you the facility to keep reminders on calendars. This means you can instruct your fellow co-owners to keep track of customers and meet the deadline.

Salesforce is a platform that lets you use various tools. This means you can track the time that you spend on each customer.  since you would be managing a lot of clients in at a time. You can easily see how much time you have spent on each client each day. Through this knowledge, you prioritize your client list

3. Great use of time

When you have all the customer information and manage their accounts accordingly. Then it is obvious that you will save a lot of time. Since salesforce automates business operations, you would not have spent hours, doing one task.

4. Team management

A company can only be successful if it has clear transparency.  A lot of companies fail in the market since the employees are not on the same page with the client information. this means some team remembers have a lot of information, and some team member has such information.  there is a feature present in the salesforce known as salesforce chatter.

This lets you talk with the team members and discuss a client’s information and task that needs to be done.  This feature lets you focus on your goal and the productivity increases automatically.

5. Can be viewed anywhere

Realize that salesforce has a cloud feature, which lets business operations to be accessible to the business owners. As a business owner, you can be present in any part of the world and still find out how business is being conducted in your office.  This is the only platform that can run smoothly on a mobile platform.

The great advantage of this feature is the fact that the information is not stored in any server or a cabinet. The information is basically stored in the cloud, which can be accessed at any given point of time. This enhances customer experience to another level.

6. Get to make apps at a lightning-fast speed

When salesforce came into the business, it was known as salesforce classic. Though the platform was easy to use, the app development to look time. With the entry of salesforce lightning in 2014. Things began to change. Salesforce professionals, now began to create apps at aligning fast sped

7. Can be accessed anywhere

Realize that salesforce does not use any storage unit, or container, to steal all the information. Instead, it uses a cloud top store all the information. This means business owners can track business operations from anywhere in the world. With the help of salesforce mobile 1 mobile app, a customer can track their sale report, and revenuer from any were in the world

 Additional mentions

This list will not have made justice if the addition mentions where not deer, this is because these are some of the other benefits that you must have proper knowledge about. Some of them are:

 Has a really big community

Every year salesforce makes a point to assemble all salesforce professionals at one place.  In this community, they welcome all the newcomers to the platform. The experienced salesforce professionals teach the newbies on how to use the platform seamlessly. This event is called Dreamforce.

Salesforce commerce cloud

Earlier, there was no software that would have made persona recommendations to the customer. Now when a person leaves some items in their cart, Without purchase. This cloud automatically reminds the customer of this incident. In addition, the cloud also makes personal recommendations.

For example, if the individual is trying to buy a shoe from an e-commerce website, then the cloud will them buy a shoe care kit along with it. So, this makes e-commerce experience more immersive

 Personalized email marketing

Now everyone loves if they are taken care off. Something happens with salesforce customers.  With the help of Salesforce, salesforce professionals are able to create personalized email marketing campaigns for them.  They now understand the need of each and every customer and performs business actions that would increase the scales and visibility of the company

 Salesforce sales marketing

Salesforce sales marketing is basically a marketing strategy used by salesforce to make your business known to millions of users.  Know in most of other CRM, and the employee needs to get out from their main platform and then do social media marketing. With Salesforce sales marketingthis is not the case. Here the salesforce professional can market your website across all social media handles without having to log out from their platform.

 Is salesforce for small business owners

Yes, definitely.  When salesforce began its journey, it mainly aimed at applications that would benefit the small business owners. This is the reason why small business owners are even in touch today. As slowly the company began to grow, the client-based increased at an alarming rate

Now Salesforce has more than 150, 000 customers and most of them are small business owners. With salesforce came with the app exchange program.  then customers small business owners very happy.  since they could now choose and use the application that would benefit their business operations and not just use default application of salesforce

Final words

From the above information, it is clear that there is no better CRM software other than salesforce. the easy learning curve and the ease of using the salesforce applications make it the most promising software.

Now it has also had to be noted since it has cloud storage, it is loved by most of the customers since it can be used anywhere.  Most of the people are now considering a career is salesforce because there are high job satisfaction and good pay

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