Lightning Web Components


Lightning Web Components

Switch to more advanced tools and highly automate featured created specifically according to your requirements with Salesforce Lightning Experience.

At Techila Global Services, we help you implement the advanced platform of Salesforce Lightning to help you make the most of your CRM data and use the same to provide personalized services to your customers. Staying true to the name, Salesforce Lightning development helps you speed up your business processes and leverage your output according to your requirements.

No matter how efficient your team is and how extraordinary your product or service is, you will not be able to survive in the market if you are not able to successfully deal with your customers. It is important for every business enterprise to understand that their customers are the most important public they should be concerned with while running their business. If you have dissatisfied customers, it is time to make some considerable changes.


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Our Offerings

Our Salesforce Lightning development services are aimed at increasing the automation in your business processes, helping you and your sales reps save a sufficient amount of time and effort that can be used to focus other more important areas of business.

Improved Customer Experience

Salesforce Lightning is essentially an upgrade from the older Salesforce Classic version and offers you with more advanced tools. All these tools revolve around providing a better buying journey and experience to your customers. Carry out hyper-targeting and reach out to your customers with the help of specific criteria through the most suitable media channels. The platform helps you gather all relevant details about your customers and helps you use the same in providing services tailored according to their needs and preferences.

Moreover, the automated platform helps you communicate with your clients/customers with the right messages at the right time. This ensures that you indulge in effective marketing and sales communication to get the best results.


Advanced User Interface To Perform Better Tasks

Perform an array of marketing and sales processes with the help of an advanced and user-friendly interface. Such a UI makes it easier for the user to create necessary tasks, create and manage a variety of events, handle log calls, manage client emails, and several other business processes.

Salesforce Lightning development provides you with an interface that helps you keep a track of all your leads, contacts, cases, opportunities, and accounts serviced by your team and perform a variety of tasks on a unified platform.

Seamless Mobile Customization

Take your workplace flexibility and efficiency a notch higher with the help of seamless mobile customization of your Lightning Cloud. Access all the major tools and features on a mobile application, allowing your team members to log in from any location at any time with their activities recorded on a real-time basis.

The advanced user interface offered by our Salesforce Lightning development services allows you to render Lightning pages for your mobile, allowing you to perform a variety of activities without being concerned about the platform your team is working on.


Improved Reports And Dashboards

Summarize all the activities performed by your team and view them on a unified platform by creating advanced and automated reports and dashboards. We help you create dashboards that are in sync with your business requirements, having more than two or three columns with filters.

Make creating, editing, and viewing of customizable reports better with improved tools that provide better viewing experience and make your reports show more and say less. Such reports help your senior management in getting a complete picture of the organization and make important business decisions.

Create Smart And Improved List Views

View your CRM data in the best way possible with the help of innovative and dynamic list views. Make use of intuitive and out-of-the-box filters to obtain a better view of your data, facilitating improved data slicing, and organized data management.


Ease Of Performance

Do not worry if your team members are not experts in coding and software programming. Our Salesforce Lightning development services are dedicated to providing you with the utmost ease of carrying out several important activities.

Salesforce Lightning comes with a range of simple drag-and-drop tools that help the users in performing various activities with ease and efficiency. Such simple functionality not only helps your team members work with ease but also facilitates faster and more sustainable user adoption.

Customizable Homepage

The homepage is one of the most overlooked yet important elements for the business’ websites. Salesforce Lightning development involves the creation of a highly customizable homepage that is, in equal parts, aesthetic and informative. The platform allows you to create, view, and edit your homepage, making it more smart and intelligent for the users and the clients. Monitor the performance of every activity performed with the help of a customized Performance Chart. These charts provide you with detailed and reliable insights pertaining to different business processes carried out by your team.

Additionally, you can customize your homepage by having a provision for viewing news about your partners, customers, and other relevant entities to stay updated and ahead of the curve.

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Build Strong Apps Using Lightning Components

Develop and deploy powerful applications using the Salesforce environment suitable for businesses belonging to all industries and serving all major purposes. Lightning Components help you create customizable web and mobile applications with an advanced and automated framework. This framework facilitates building strong single-page applications with smart and dynamic user interfaces.

Salesforce Lightning Components allow you to create web and mobile apps without affecting your existing data and typing the codes again. This extends the feature of simple UI provided by Salesforce Lightning development.

Cross-Platform App Development

Salesforce Lightning development allows you to build mobile and web applications that can be used across multiple platforms. According to the specific needs of your clients, you can create applications to improve their buying journey and provide them with personalized services using your CRM data.

Salesforce Lightning App

We help you implement the Salesforce Lightning app for increased flexibility in carrying out your business processes. You get a ready application that can be customized according to your specific business needs and the marketing/sales goals you are willing to attain.

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Salesforce Lightning Communities

Leverage the power of CRM by building organized and interactive Lightning Communities. These communities act as a meeting ground for your clients, partners, and other entities directly or indirectly associated with your organization.

Lightning Communities help different users connect with each other and share valuable information pertaining to the CRM platform. Such interactions help them solve their confusion, queries, doubts, and complaints without having to wait for the executives to get involved.

Artificial Intelligence By Einstein

Salesforce Lightning development includes implementation of the exclusive artificial intelligence tool for Salesforce – Einstein. This tool extends the automated nature of your CRM platform by helping you make sense of your database.

Salesforce Einstein scans your database and helps you in making sales forecasts, predicting customer behavior, handling sales pipeline, and in performing several activities to leverage the overall functionality of your system.


User Adoption Support

We understand how important it is for your team to switch to the newer and more advanced CRM platform. Techila Global Services provides you with personalized user adoption support to help your team switch from the native platform to Salesforce Lightning.

Apart from providing training to the Salesforce users, we provide you with Salesforce Responsive Application for improved user adoption. This application slowly helps you get used to the Lightning framework as it makes you perform Salesforce Lightning activities wrapped in a native interface.


Lightning Web Component


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In order to manage your customers in the most effective way, you must make provisions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This practice deals with taking catering to your customers right from the beginning. It involves using the customer database you possess in performing crucial marketing activities such as letting potential customers know about your business, encouraging them to buy your products, keeping a track of who might be interested in buying your products, making sure who wants to buy your products, making provisions to conduct efficient sales, closing the sale and carrying out effective after-sale services.

For all these services to be performed, you require to make the best use of the customer database. You cannot go ahead with your marketing, and especially sales if you cannot optimize the precious customer database you have created. However, creating this database is an immensely tedious and time-consuming task. There are thousands of people (or even more!) that you need to approach and keep a track of their activities.

CRM Software

In the older days, the marketing team in a business enterprise used traditional and physical ways of keeping a record of their customers. They had to maintain hand-written and then printed or types of records of their customers and various activities they perform. However, the change in the business environment and the advent of technology resulted in a boom in the market. This led to businesses expanding beyond their traditional limits, ultimately leading to them catering to customers that were varied and greater in number.

In this scenario, it became increasingly difficult in handling CRM through traditional customer databases. Owing to the business needs coupled with technological advancements, certain companies


started coming up with software that would automate the work of the sales team in recording and handling customer data. These CRM software platforms came in as a boon to businesses and they took on to them immediately. Such software would not only computerize the data management but also provided automation in several other important activities, saving enough time and money for business houses.

Of all the software platforms invented in the market, Salesforce is the one that has always been in the talks. Immediately after its launch two decades ago, it took a large share of the CRM market and has been consistently ruling the same. The business automation it brought and analytical services it provided helped successful businesses in optimizing their business and the failing ones revive their fortune!


Salesforce Lightning

For a really long time, Salesforce CRM kept the look and feel of their software more or less the same. However, a major change was made in 2015 when they introduced a new user interface, Salesforce Lightning. This was a highly modernized ad user-friendly interface that added to the already efficient Salesforce features.

Salesforce Lightning brought a lot of automation in the field of business CRM. it allowed the businesses to record their customer data and took care of all the major processes post that.

It scans through the data in your system, arranges your leads according to their responses, allows you to make a separate sales pipeline for the leads that are not responsive, makes though analysis

of your activities, matches them with the opportunities and gives productive feedback on how your sales team has been performing and what changes you need to make in order to achieve greater targets.

Lightning also came with an artificial intelligence component called Einstein. This component scans your data and the activities you perform and makes valid predictions about the way your customers are likely to behave in the future. This has helped several businesses to make better plans and set greater goals.

However, though Salesforce Lightning has been really effective in its functioning, it has always faced the challenge of user adoption. As the majority of the organizations have been using the classic version of Salesforce, the users often find it difficult to adapt to a newer interface. If you are facing the same challenge in your organization, don’t hesitate to approach your Salesforce Consultant or look up Lightning Components Developer guide to get good knowledge as to how the software works. Also, conduct thorough training of your sales team and let them slowly have a hands-on experience with Salesforce Lightning. This would help you and your team to not just understand Lightning, but use its components and features to an optimum level.

Lightning Web Components

As mentioned earlier, Salesforce Lightning comes with enhanced, highly modernized and highly automated components that help the businesses in managing their CRM in the best way possible. The use of Lightning Components has evolved over a period of time.

After a few years of using the basic Lightning Components, Salesforce has come up with advanced Lightning Web Components (LWC) 2018 onwards. Lightning Web Components Salesforce is an advanced model for programming Lightning Components. These components can exist effectively among the older components (Aura programming model) and elevate the web standards that were set already high since the incorporation of Salesforce Lightning.


LWC Salesforce is a form of Salesforce implementation that is designed for the relatively modern breed of lighter frameworks that are built on relevant web standards. It enhances and makes the best use of custom elements, various templates, decorators, shadow DOM, varied modules and other modern language constructs that are available in ECMAScript 7 and more advanced versions.

The core objective of a Lightning Web Component is to form an additional layer of exclusive and highly efficient services over and above the already existing ones offered by Salesforce. These components are briefly segregated as follows:

Base Lightning Components – These are the components that comprise a set of more than 70 user interface components that are built in the form of custom elements.

Lightning Data Service – These are the components and tools that provide the user with exclusive access to the data and metadata used by Salesforce, along with allowing them to perform activities such as data synchronization and data caching.

User Interface API – This is the component that serves as a connection between the Base Lightning Components and Lightning Meta Data, syncing them in an effective manner, thereby making provisions for higher productivity.


Can Lightning Web Components And Aura Components Co-exist?

One of the major questions that users have is pertaining to the fact of the possibility of new Lightning Web Components existing effectively along with the older Aura Components. In order to answer the question, you need to understand the two major ways in which users can now build Lightning Components:

Aura Components – This is the classic Lightning model that involved enhances its own model and the templates it is comprised of, along with the model that deals with modular development programming.

Lightning Web Components – These are the components that are built to add an additional layer of exclusive services and tools above the classic web standards breakthroughs that were prevalent in the previous years, namely Shadow DOM, custom elements, web components and more such components.

However, it is advisable to have a look at a reliable Lightning Components Developer Guide before developing the platform for your business.

Now, coming to the question of co-existence, you should know that Lightning Web Components and Aura Components can exist with each other without hampering any system’s operation. The manner and possibilities of their co-existence on your system are listed briefly here:

  •  Both Aura and Lightning Web Components can exist together on the same page of the concerned user interface.

  •  Aura Components also have provisions to include some or all Lightning Web Components.

  • Certain basic Lightning components are shared by both Aura and Lightning Web Components. This is because the basic Lightning Components are already implemented and incorporated in the platform of Lightning Web Components.

  •  Certain underlying services such as User Interface API and Lightning Data Service are common in both Aura Components and Lightning Web Components, making sure there are no clashes in the system resulting due to different components.

If you are a developer, you can rest assured by the fact that you can easily build Lightning Web Components while you are using the Aura Model and its components. Your Aura Components will not be affected by the same. Both these components can work in sync with each other and your system will run as smoothly as it had been running before you got Lightning Web Components installed.

However, you can think of transferring some or all of your Aura Components to Lightning Web Components over a period of time in order to avoid any confusion of complications arising with the user while managing both the components simultaneously. While doing so, it is advisable not to shift all the components at once and start with the ones that would be benefitted the most by the performance of Lightning Web Components. Also, make sure you have enough Lightning Component Reference before you start with the migration, and get enough knowledge of the working of Lightning Web Components on Trailhead. Nevertheless, if you are new to Lightning and are getting a platform installed in your system for the first time, it is advisable to choose Lightning Web Components as it has all the services and tools provided by Aura Components while it is not the other way around.

What Are The Benefits Of Lightning web Components?

Lightning Web Components are built with almost every form of coding required to build similar software. It has all the tools and components that its previous counterpart Aura offered and involves a minimum amount of custom coding that going into developing similar software. As Lightning Web Components incorporates CSS isolation and enhances native DOM support in order to ensure more efficiency in system performance, it is a highly secure platform for any business enterprise to use. Also, Lightning Web Components makes use of a higher number of web-standards JavaScripts that can be used for increased optimization. This makes the platform flexible and more adaptable to the needs and requirements of the concerned user.


Lightning Web Components are built with almost every form of coding required to build similar software. It has all the tools and components that its previous counterpart Aura offered and involves a minimum amount of custom coding that going into developing similar software. As Lightning Web Components incorporates CSS isolation and enhances native DOM support in order to ensure more efficiency in system performance, it is a highly secure platform for any business enterprise to use. Also, Lightning Web Components makes use of a higher number of web-standards JavaScripts that can be used for increased optimization. This makes the platform flexible and more adaptable to the needs and requirements of the concerned user.


Are Lightning Web Components Faster?

The Lightning Web Components certainly make Salesforce Lightning much faster than it earlier used to be. Users have reported an increase in the speed of their systems, initially owing to the Lightning User Interface and now due to the installation of Lightning Web Components.

Lightning Web Components have not only made Salesforce Lightning work faster but has also added to the speed in which Aura Components function. As mentioned earlier, both these platforms can exist in a single system and as most of the Lightning Component Library now falls under the purview of Lightning Web Components, leading to an increase in the speed of all the components installed in a system that is using Salesforce Lightning.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning is a newer and modern version of Salesforce succeeding Salesforce Classic. It provides users with a more automated and advanced user interface and an improved user experience.
The advanced tools and features provided by Salesforce Lightning helps the users in boosting their productivity and handling their customer database in a more automated manner.

What is the importance of the AI component in Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Einstein, the AI component in Salesforce Lightning adds to the automation provided by the platform of Salesforce. It scans through your entire database and provides you with valuable marketing, sales, and management insights.
Salesforce Einstein helps you carry out business forecasts that facilitate the senior management in making key business decisions. Moreover, the AI tool keeps a track of all the actions of your customers and analyzes the same to help you predict the behavior of your customers. These details help you tailor your services and communication according to specific customer needs.

How much does Salesforce Lightning cost?

The cost of Salesforce Lightning for your organization would depend on the goals you want to attain, the complexity of your business processes, the volume and composition of your customers, the degree of automation you require, and several other relevant factors.
There are four major Salesforce Lightning editions you can choose from based on the size and requirements of your business. Here are the four editions in the ascending order of their pricing:
Lightning Essentials ($25/user/month)
Lightning Professional ($75/user/month)
Lightning Enterprise ($150/user/month)
Lightning Unlimited ($300/user/month)

How easy is switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning?

Switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning is an easy and sustainable process if you carry out smart user adoption. Never make the mistake of making your team jump right onto the new platform. Take things slow and make your team familiar with one tool and feature at a time make them well-versed with the Lightning Experience.

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