Problem Statement

Struggling to manage multiple systems for Ecommerce store and CRM needs. 

Accomodate the existing system i.e Avsight to work in sync with B2B store. 

Needed the ability for Quote/Back Order while placing the Order. 

As a B2B business, needed the solution to bulk Order Products using csv or excel file of Products. 

Sell same product as New as well as renewed(old) with ease of user experiance. 

Our Solution

Create Salesforce B2B Commerce Store front with customisations to accomodate below – 

Custom reports, dashabords and list views for CRM purpose. 

Write custom logic to syc Avsight package with B2B Commerce Products and Orders. 

Create custom Add to Cart and few other components to have feasibility of back order and Add to Quote. 

Created custom component for placing a bulk Order just by uploading a CSV file on Store front. 

Accomodated Product Variations feature to Accomodate the need of selling new and old version of same products with different prices. 

Benefits / Highlights

  • Client had a ROI increase of 25% as all the data came in 1 place which helped in removing all the efforts, time, manpower and human errors needed for manual work of syncing.
  • Dynamic dashboards helped to take critical business decisions.
  • Connection of Avsight data with Salesforce B2B Commerce Products and Orders was a great win to have Aviation industry leading Management Software communicate with StoreFront in real time.
  • Many other custom-developed features according to business needs like Bulk order, Back Order, Related products, replacement product purchase, etc made the system more robust and powerful. 
  • Custom PDP designed according to the requirement so that different condition codes can be used to place order. 
Snapshot (Storefront setup to Customer Feedback)

Setting up a storefront

Standard OOTB allows users to drag and drop the component using “Experience Builder”.

Setting up a storefront, creating catalogs, assigning products to those catalogs, entitlement policies, setting up a buyer user.

Here we have done almost the entire storefront custom including the homepage, PLP, PDP and cart. The requirement was to accommodate certain things that were not an OOTB feature of Salesforce.  


Here we have built the design as per requirement. The theme was set to red, grey and white. Some standard OOTB experience builder tools are also used. 

Product PLP


This is a grid view with the size defined by the client. We also provided the feasibility to show record counts of 20 and 40 per page. Which is not OOTB 

Product PDP

Product detail page is fully customised. We matched the exact figma file provided by the client. Here the requirement was to have a bigger picture of the product image and thumbnails of the rest of the images. Along with that, the condition code section selection was also rendered based on selection and reflected in Product information. The pricing and availability of the product was pulled from SF and shown here. This was designed so flexibly that each and every detail of product was visible on PDP and that too easily.  


All the fields which can be seen in the above image are pulled from the backend. Here we also provided the location availability based on the warehouse where the product is available. 

Custom LWC for alternate products- Based on some filters we have shown the alternate products section where the products can be listed and easily redirected to PDP. This feature does not come from OOTB.It is purely custom-built. 

For guest users we were not showing the pricing so created a custom button- Login to view pricing which you can see in the above image. 

The customer can also request for a quote if the product is not in stock. For that we created a custom button and entire custom functionality that quote can be requested.  


Cart page


This cart page is fully custom built. The quote functionality which we have given is stored in the cart. This does not come from OOTB. Buyer can request a quote or place the order or both. We have also provided the line-level comment where users can add a comment that gets saved in the backend when an order is generated. 

Customer Reviews

This is the best solution we were looking for. The solution which was implemented gave us the ability to manage and look after only a single platform and manage the business and customer needs – Mustafa/Steve