The firm deals in Legal Consultancy by providing their services to their Customers for Audit management as well as policy regulation. In this Legal consulting, the needs is to ensure that Compliance are adhered and every piece of information for their legal processes are captured diligently. Finally the fee associated with the Consulting charges need to be generated which can be paid by the Customer. 


Based on multiple customer’s and their legal documentations, a solution was required that can manage:

  • Compliance management that includes their documentations, Audit management 
  • All Existing customer’s and their Contacts information as Legal and formal documents need to be captured as Central Repository. 
  • Multiple Checklist need to be performed that are correlated to the business process which are linked to their customers 
  • A Platform that can provide their customers to track the status of their policies 
  • Flexibility of generating Invoice from the System so that appropriate payment can be paid online with respect to the services rendered by them. 
  • Functionality of adding Compliance based on the business use cases 
  • Needed a CRM solution for end-to-end process from Account Creation to Internal Policy creation followed by Invoice and Payment.


  • Sales Cloud solution along with Experience Cloud (Customer’s Community) was designed and customized to cater to business requirement. 
  • Quote on the Services opted by the Customers are generated and emails are sent to the Customers for their record.  
  • Information is maintained at a single place and available for every user based on their roles they belong to. 
  • Compliance, Audit, Policies regulation, etc. are captured under the Single Page application in Lightning and necessary documents can be attached in terms of Legal documents. 
  • Integration with the Third Party in terms of generation of receipts using Experience Cloud and sending the notification via email was very helpful for the Customer’s experience.


  • Customer Satisfaction on the basis of Solution provided. 
  • Management has real time Information and can evaluate the progress 
  • Response time is the key for the Legal/Advisory consultant and increases the Clientele inputs. 

Process Snapshots (Using Experience Cloud on Salesforce) of Customers