About Client

Griffin & Howe, Inc. is an American firearms manufacturer which also provides the shooting experience for the community 

Company Profile

  • Location – US 
  • Employees – ~240 
  • Industry – Training and Entertainment 

Problem Statement

Griffin & Howe  provides the shooting experience for the community where they are facing issues on schedules, bookings and the availability of the trainers and the venus, there is no such a defined process and it is observed that it has caused a lot of human error which was a loss. 


It was proposed to have a salesforce solution where the Admin can actually create new bookings for the event which consists of all the relevant information. 

It is then also allowed to check the availability of the staff member/ Trainer on the respective booking slot, and map the respective trainer to the group.  

An automation was done to send the confirmation of the booking to the member along with the necessary information, where staff members would also be notified for their upcoming bookings. 

The process was made very customised to even edit, reschedule or cancel any booking on demand with the applied conditions, which has helped customers to minimize the resource cost and human errors. 

The custom calendar to show the availability of trainers and venues saved a lot of time and resources. 

This resulted in retaining customers and increasing revenue rapidly. 

Booking screen(Search by staff):

MicrosoftTeams-image (19)

  Booking screen(Search by Time/availability)

MicrosoftTeams-image (19)

  Set Availability: 

Staff Calendar: