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Salesforce Joins Hands With Acumen Solutions To Provide Extensive Professional Services

There is literally nothing that Salesforce cannot do! The CRM platform is known across the globe for undertaking powerful integrations and acquisitions to leverage the functionality of the platform. Salesforce is developed as a pretty customizable platform that can be integrated with a variety of third-party platforms to provide a unified experience to the users.

The latest Salesforce integration has been announced as an acquisition of Acumen Solutions by the CRM giant to provide professional services to organizations in the private and public sectors. Before going to the details pertaining to the Salesforce Acumen integration, let us briefly know more about this new partner of Salesforce.

What Is Acumen Solutions?

Acumen Solutions is a provider of global professional services to businesses and government organizations, helping them achieve their goals and create their niche in the market.

It helps organizations in building powerful industry solutions that help them in driving more sales, increasing employee productivity, and improving customer engagement. It provides professional help and guidance necessary for businesses to utilize their resources in the best way possible and staying in sync with the dynamic market trends.

Its range of services includes:

1. Effortless customer service

2. Sales acceleration

3. Engagement marketing

4. On-demand analytics

5. Digital Transformation

6. Financial analysis

7. Digital commerce

Perks Of Salesforce Professional Services

The Salesforce Acumen integration will pave the way for Salesforce to provide extensive and effective professional services to its wide range of customers. Salesforce has been in the market for more than two decades and has created a name for itself that is not going to fade away anytime soon. Salesforce has gained enough experience in its fairly long run to ace the professional services sector where it can help its clients in making it big in their respective industries.

The proficiency of Salesforce in providing expert guidance can be seen in the Salesforce support services provided by the professionals. Salesforce users can vouch for the fact that the support services provided by the platform are unlike any other CRM platform in the market.

Focus On Digitalization

We live in an age where digitization is an important part of anything and everything we do. Today, it is essential for every small and big business to go digital in their services to survive in the market for a long time.

Moreover, the world is struggling with a global pandemic and most businesses are having a hard time surviving the uninvited wave of economic crisis. This has forced organizations to go virtual and adopt digital processes right from listing their products to accepting payments.

As Salesforce joins hands with Acumen solutions, the focus of the acquisition would be more on making businesses go the digital way. Government and private enterprises who are struggling to digitize all or a part of their processes will receive a much-needed helping hand in the form of Salesforce professional services.

Improving The Buying Experience

An important aspect of the services provided by Acumen Solutions is that of helping businesses to create improved buying experiences for their customers using suitable digital platforms.

Salesforce has mastered the art of providing personalized customer services and being an important part of the entire buying journey of the customers. This conglomeration of services will help online sellers and businesses in setting up powerful storefronts and utilizing them in an optimum manner.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is dedicated to improving the buying journey of the customers for businesses following the B2C model and catering to other businesses for the ones following the B2B model. In simple terms, the Salesforce offering helps you in utilizing your customer database in tailoring your services according to their needs and preferences.

The Salesforce Acumen integration will allow businesses to keep a track of the activities of their customers and their specific needs for designing their services and setting up their storefronts on various digital platforms. Salesforce professional services will assist businesses to always be there for their customers at every stage of their buying journey and stay with them until the final deal is made.

Improved Marketing And Sales

The Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud have helped thousands of sales reps in utilizing their customer database in the best way possible. These Salesforce offerings have allowed users to record, track, and analyze customer data for improving their services and getting a better ROI.

When Salesforce integrates with Acumen Solutions, the effectiveness of these services will increase manifolds. Through Salesforce professional services, businesses can avail the required guidance in creating powerful marketing campaigns and designing personalized communication strategies.

Over time, customers have become increasingly demanding and ask for personalized services from every business they engage with. With Salesforce professional services, brands will be able to market their products/services well by sending the right messages to the right target audience at the right time through the right media platform(s).

Moreover, Salesforce has been helping sales reps in generating more revenue by providing them with an automated sales pipeline. This integration will help businesses in improving their ROI by efficient scoring of leads, prioritizing them based on their behavior, and nurturing them in a way that a deal is effectively closed.

This way, the Salesforce Acumen integration is bound to provide businesses with a wholesome approach to marketing and sales.

Improved Financial Services

The finance sector is an important arm of the services provided by Acumen Solutions. It helps businesses in analyzing their financial statements and helps finance-based organizations provide improved services to their customers. Similarly, the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is designed for helping financial lenders and other finance-based organizations establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with their clients.

The amalgamation of these two platforms will be a cherry on the cake for financial enterprises as Salesforce professional services will help them maximize their revenue and utilize the valuable customer data for providing improved client services.

Importance Of The Acquisition During The Covid Situation

We are all struggling with a global pandemic that has worsened the case of several businesses. Employees and management are having a tough time coordinating with each other. The revenue for several businesses has gone for a toss as customers are not ready for physical buying. In such a scenario, an integration like this will prove to be absolutely helpful for businesses to take to digital platforms. This will help businesses to connect to their customers, suppliers, and partners virtually.

The Salesforce professional services will make sure that none of the processes normally carried out by an organization are affected by the lack of physical communication.

Salesforce is a completely cloud-based platform and all of its offerings allow users to work flexibly from anywhere at any time. As it integrates with services like those of Acumen Solutions, it will facilitate several businesses in using automated tools and getting on digital platforms for carrying out their business processes.

Summing up, the Salesforce Acumen integration is a win-win solution for both the companies as each of them would benefit from the other. Along with the companies benefiting from this agreement, it also helps the users of both the platforms in availing of quality services in building robust solutions, especially at a time when they are needed the most.

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