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Top 21 Salesforce Chrome Extensions

Salesforce is all about automation and making the lives of users easier. Right from recording information into the database to analyzing it and using the same to provide personalized client services, the CRM platform has helped thousands of sales reps in saving their time and efforts.

Salesforce Google Chrome extension is one of the many ways in which Salesforce has made it easy and flexible for the users to operate on the platform and carry out specific processes with the utmost ease.

There are several Salesforce-Google Chrome extensions that can be added to your screens for making the platform more productive and your work more efficient.

Here are some of the most beneficial and widely used Salesforce add-ons and extensions with their creators that would make your Salesforce and Google Chrome experience better:

1. Salesforce.com Quick Login As (Kyle Peterson)

This is an ideal Salesforce Chrome extension for Admins and Developers. As the name suggests, it allows you to log into Salesforce as any specific user with ease.

All you need to do is click on the extension and it would give you a pop-up list of all users on the listing page. You can select the user you want to log in as into the system. Once you log out, you will be redirected to the page you were browsing on Chrome before clicking on the Salesforce extension.

Since 2019, Salesforce.com Quick Login As has been included as a Salesforce Lightning Chrome extension for all the Lightning Experience users.

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2. Salesforce Logins (Synebo)

This is also an extension for quick and easy login into your Salesforce account. It facilitates one-click login, where you are saved from going through the verification codes and get a direct entry into your Salesforce account.

This Salesforce Chrome extension syncs all of your stored data with your Chrome browser, ensuring complete security of the data by saving passwords or tokens by encryption. Such security makes it possible for you to manage multiple Salesforce accounts using a single extension.

3. Salesforce ORGanizer (Enrico)

This is yet another Salesforce Chrome extension for easier and faster login. Along with helping you log into your account without entering your username and password every time, it saves your security token so that you do are not faced by verification codes.

If you tend to work on different Salesforce orgs simultaneously, the extension allows you to assign a distinct color to every org, which will be displayed on your browser tab. Also, it comes with a “Login as a Function” feature that allows you to shift between multiple user accounts.

4. Whatfix on Salesforce (Whatfix.com)

This extension is for the individuals who want to get trained in Salesforce and want to hone their skills in the same. It consists of interactive walkthrough sessions at a click of a button, guiding you through specific areas of the CRM platform.

It comes with a widget named “self-help” which displays all the Salesforce walkthroughs created on the Whatfix Community that you can be a part of. These walkthroughs help you get familiar with the tools and features new to you and train yourself in using the same.

5. Salesforce Navigator (Daniel Nakov)

As the name suggests, this is a Salesforce plugin for Chrome that helps you navigate through the platform of Salesforce. Salesforce is a pretty vast platform and it might get complicated to navigate through it for performing specific activities.

Through this Salesforce extension, all you need to do is type in what you need to do and it will show you how to navigate the platform to get it done.

6. Boostr For Salesforce (matt simons)

Staying true to its name, Boostr for Salesforce helps Admins and Developers to boost their processes by providing them with advanced, automated, and efficient tools.

The Salesforce Chrome extension comes with a variety of features that allow you to perform several activities, including:

1. Adding items to the changesets

2. Checking or unchecking items in a column

3. Displaying the API name with the field names while editing a fieldset

7. Salesforce Advanced Search (Yasir Arafat)

This Salesforce Chrome extension makes your search quick and efficient. It allows you to search for all relevant keywords, text, or field APIs within your system with a few clicks pertaining to the following components:

1. Visalforce components

2. Apex classes

3. Apex triggers

4. Visualforce pages

5. Email templates

Moreover, the extension allows you to show or hide API names as per your requirement, making your searches faster and more efficient.

8. Salesforce Hotkeys (Beta) (Prafulla Patil)

This Salesforce extension makes use of keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) in helping you navigate the CRM platform. It allows you to view specific menus on your Salesforce account at once using keyboard shortcuts.

9. Record And Metadata Comparator For Salesforce (Rajiv Bhatt)

This extension helps you search your metadata without monitoring the data on your Salesforce UI. It is an ideal tool for Salesforce Developers who frequently need to search for field requirements, API names, field types, and other relevant data.

Additionally, the extension helps you compare any two Salesforce objects or their records, highlighting differences between the two. Salesforce Developers can make use of this tool for identifying a change in formula, miss fields, value mismatch, data type, and other relevant values.

10. SOQL Extractor And Analyzer For Salesforce (Rajiv Bhatt)

SOQL Extractor and Analyzer helps you in extracting the SOQL queries along with their execution counts from your Salesforce debug logs with a click of a button.

With this extension, you can analyze the error of “Too Many SOQLs” with ease and efficiency. Apart from providing you with the information pertaining to the objects on which the said queries are executed, the count, and statistics, this Salesforce extension helps you optimize the performance of the application to obtain improved results.

11. Log Machine (Gourav Bhardwaj)

This Salesforce Chrome extension is designed to help you analyze your Salesforce debug log with the utmost ease. As it conducts the analysis, the extension also highlights critical sections and provides you with tips that keep you from committing errors.

The latest update on Log Machine has made the Code Unit and Method Entry or Exit clickable. This would allow you to go directly to the required component by making a single click.

Moreover, the Color Index in this extension comes with a checkbox that you can use for filtering the log for seeing specific content (such as errors or user debug) only.

12. Grey Tab (Chris Peterson)

This extension is open source and allows the user to view the data of a specific field on the “currently viewed” record. Its functionality is similar to a lookup tool that provides you with the required details of a specific field within your system.

Apart from viewing fields and records, you can use Grey Tab for getting information about a Salesforce session from your web browser cookies.

13. Salesforce Admin Check All (Dan Pazehoski)

Salesforce Admin Check All is an extension designed to help you save a good amount of time and effort spent on setup pages. Instead of having to click on every checkbox on the setup pages individually, the Salesforce extension allows you to check all the checkboxes at once.

Although it is a fairly simple and straightforward extension, it does help you in getting your work done faster when there is already a lot on your plate.

14. Enhance Salesforce Dashboard (Satrang Technologies)

The name of this Salesforce Chrome extension is pretty self-explanatory. It is designed to simply help users in refreshing their dashboards on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The tools have a pretty simple but important role to play in managing and updating your Salesforce dashboards on a real-time basis. Moreover, the extension allows you to set the desired duration for auto-refresh or the frequency of the same.

Using this rather simple tool, you can increase your dashboard columns from the default 3 columns to 7 columns to suit your specific requirements.

15. Salesforce Id Paster (cleandata4good)

This Salesforce extension is suitable especially for developers, helping them in faster, easier, and more efficient development and deployment, especially in the field of data entry.

By clicking on the extension, it will immediately redirect you from the Salesforce page you are on to the page whose SFID is present in your clipboard with the help of a quick keyboard shortcut. The default keystroke for the same is Ctrl+Shift+Y.

This extension is ideal for the users who frequently import and export data in and out of their Salesforce database. Also, Salesforce Id Paster has now become a Salesforce Lightning Chrome extension for the Lightning Experience users.

16. Salesforce.com Sandbox Favicon Extension (Joe Ferraro)

This extension is designed for developers who use work with the Production and Sandbox environment using the same web browser. When you use this tool, it would put an “S” to the standard Salesforce.com cloud favicon for all your Sandbox tabs open in your browser window.

This small change will make it easier for you to keep a track of the environment you are working on in your Chrome browser.

17. Salesforce Colored Favicons (Steve Babula)

This Salesforce plugin for Chrome is pretty similar to the one discussed above as it allows you to keep a track of the environment you are working on. On using this extension, it would override the standard Salesforce favicon with a distinct color on the basis of the concerned org.

It would automatically update the icon for Salesforce on the basis of the instance being used. Moreover, it includes a separate icon having an “S” for Sandbox instances.

If you tend to work on more than two Salesforce orgs and Sandboxes, this Salesforce extension is ideal for working in an organized and efficient manner.

18. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher (sameernmiraj)

This extension facilitates a quick and efficient search for Salesforce components within your system. It allows you to find and jump to components like Apex classes, Apex triggers, Visualforce pages, etc. to get the required code with a few simple clicks. Adding to these features, the extension also provides you with autocomplete suggestions that help you in finding specific codes that you are looking for.

19. Cirrus Insight (CirrusInsight.com)

This is one of the most useful Salesforce Chrome extensions that help you manage your contacts and facilitate efficient communication. It helps you make the most of your email marketing processes by facilitating an automatic transfer of data from your Salesforce org onto Gmail. It essentially helps you sync your Salesforce account with your Gmail account easily, allowing you to record and update leads, contacts, opportunities, cases, and other relevant data.

With this Salesforce extension, you can keep a track of the customer details stored within your database and manage the opportunities tapped by your sales reps.

20. Clearbit For Salesforce – Lite (Clearbit)

The creator of this Salesforce Chrome extension claims that helps the users save up to two hours of traditional and manual data entry and research on a daily basis.

Clearbit extends the automation provided by Salesforce and helps the users convert an email address or a domain name into a prospect/lead or a company profile within the Salesforce database. This is an otherwise complicated and time-consuming process of assessing emails and adding the names of the contacts into suitable Salesforce objects on the basis of the mail.

This Salesforce extension makes all these activities less complicated, helping you add data to existing contacts, segment your leads, and researching new prospects and opportunities by your sales reps.

21. Whatslly (Overstack)

This extension is designed to help you improve your customer communication by linking your WhatsApp to your Salesforce account. It scans the conversations you have on the desktop application of WhatsApp and adds relevant data onto your Salesforce database on a real-time basis.

There are several other Salesforce Chrome extensions that can be added to your browser for making an array of activities simpler and faster. These extensions not only give you the speed you require but also increase the efficiency of your work.

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