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Top 7 Salesforce Acquisitions of All-Time

By the time you are done reading this article; salesforce has already acquired some new company. The Salesforce ecosystem cannot be stopped; it seems it is growing every day. In this digital piece, you will get to know about the top 7 salesforce acquisitions that it has carried out to date. Here you will get to learn:

1.  Top 7 salesforce acquisitions

2. Changes in salesforce after salesforce acquisitions

3. Why people are only talking of slack acquisitions

4. Most asked questions after salesforce acquisitions

5. Parting tips

6. Tableau

Reason for its purchase: Salesforce always tries to buy the best in the industry. Who beats tableau in terms of analytics? No one. Though Salesforce has its own analytics system called salesforce Einstein, still they acquired tableau. This kind of purchase raised eyebrows in the technology industry. People could understand why a competitor would make this move.

According to us, salesforce purchase tableau at $15.7 billion because it wanted to fulfil its vision by having 360-degree control. Salesforce 360 custom vision is an idea where a customer would get a full overview of its cycle, indicating that a customer would only need salesforce to fulfil all their needs. They need not go to different companies for different requirements.

1. Demandware

Reason for purchase: We all know salesforce is unbeatable when it comes to businesses business marketing, but what about the business to customer marketing? This is the aspect where salesforce lacked. With the help of Demandware, it combined e-commerce marketing with front end operations.

See Demandware already served enterprises worth millions. Since the customer associated with the company always got the best, and there was no decline in what customers expected. Salesforce bought Dreamware and applied the 1:1 marketing rule, and made Demandware follow the same vision.

So now customers of Demandware will get associated with salesforce and get the best-engineered products that have not been witnessed elsewhere. Demandware was brought at $2.8b

2. Mulesoft

Reason for purchase: This move struck the technical industry like lightning. The reason? As Demandware was already brought for an improved customer experience, why was Mulesoft double the amount? Practically both of the companies have to provide the same thing.

According to us, this was a great move by salesforce. See Mulesoft dominated the on-premise legacy systems. That means IT infrastructure that was not based on the cloud was controlled by Mulesoft Companies in the older versions of information technology always went to Mulesoft for their issues and services. Salesforce wanted nothing to stand between them. Hence this move was made. Now the customers of the legacy system would get converted to cloud technology with salesforce.

3. Slack

Reason for purchase: See slack was a business tool that lets your work from anywhere in the world. With the coming of the pandemic, salesforce rivals got on to the same move by allowing people to work from home.

This is the reason why salesforce did not waste time in purchasing slack. With slack in the team, salesforce made work from home a seamless experience. Salesforce acquires slack at $27.7 billion.

4. Exact target

Reason for purchase: If you have followed the above information closely, you have already witnessed how salesforce made a smart move to capture the service and sales. Now it was time when salesforce moved pre-sales direction. This is where the precise target comes into the scenario.

The exact target was operating in the industry for the last 13 years, so naturally, it had a large base of customers. In addition, salesforce was looking for a company that would act like a shield in the marketing domain. The precise target seemed to be the perfect fit.

Realize this; the precise target was a company that had already acquired Pardot six months back. So the same target was perfect that could combine both businesses to business marketing and business to customer marketing. So salesforce brought the target at the price of 2.5 B, and we think it was a well-planned move

5. Krux

Reason for purchase: In 2016, most of the online media reported that programmed digital advertising would grow massively over the coming years. This means digital advertising would be the future. When October approached, salesforce bought the company for $800 million. This would help salesforce to create smart campaigns that would bring in more customers.

6. Click

Reason for purchase: Click masters in real-time interaction. Also, it was one of the masters in developing the salesforce lightning component. The question with this salesforce acquisition was not why? But when? With the help of click, salesforce continuous in their lightning framework. Salesforce has just updated its scheduling feature in their lightning architecture, which means click is already improving the salesforce ecosystem.

Some salesforce acquisition that needs your attention other than these 7

In this section, we are going to talk about two major salesforce acquisitions other than the salesforce acquisition list that is presented above. This is because the article would have been completed without these two. We are talking about salesforce subsidiaries called buddy media and quip

Salesforce knows that every people are not welcoming to change. So they required a company that would combine the old age technology with the modern-day rule.

People need to be enlightened and then made aware of how new-age technology could improve business. Once they get to know these, they would happily change into a new platform. Quick is a company that would make that happen. Hence salesforce opted for this collaboration

The next salesforce acquisition that we are going to talk about is that of buddy media. This is a social media company that brings business to customers by marketing over digital media channels. This is the reason salesforce wanted to purchase the best in the industry by collaborating with them. Buddy Media was bought for $649 million.

So from the above information, we have let you know about the top 7 salesforce acquisitions carried out with the company. It could be concluded that salesforce identified all the gaps that it lacked and filled with the best in the market

Changes after salesforce acquisitions

In this section of this article, you would know how to perform salesforce login. With the coming of all these salesforce acquisitions, it is evident that salesforce login would no longer stay similar, so it’s very important to let you know about these

It is has been notified by salesforce users that the new login page of marketing would look very similar to the traditional log-in page. Okay, dot worry, all your credentials of the marketing cloud will stay the same, so please breathe a sigh of relief.

Earlier, when you used to forget your password, you required to contact a marketing cloud administrator to resolve the problem. Now you can easily reset your password with a forget password link. So if you are someone who is thinking that I need to change some login credentials, then the answer is a resounding no.

The only change you are going to witness is in security codes. When you connect with forgot your password link email, it’s evident that a user can make mistakes in entering the security code.

Only after ten wrong codes, salesforce will hold your account. A request needs to be made with the marketing administrator. In addition, there may be times when you forget the security questions that you have answered. No need to worry, you just need to get in touch with the marketing cloud administrator, and you would be given a new temporary password to work with After analyzing all the salesforce acquisitions over the years, a leading research company called Gartner provided some interesting announcements in the favour of the platform.

1. Salesforce has been given the award for the best CRM 8 times in a row

2. Salesforce plans to purchase velocity, and the deal will be made final by June

3. Salesforce has implemented work from home program in order to protect the health of its employees

4. The front line workers have received great help from salesforce, and 50 million protective kits were delivered to them

5. Log in time of salesforce customer reached 5 million hours

6. In order to meet the growing hurdles in the in offices, salesforce launched work.com

Why so many people are only talking about the slack acquisition.

Everyone is stating that salesforce and slack as a couple of the IT world.  According to the recent reports, it has been found that 23 million users use Slack as their daily driver and the number of business that uses slack is 142,000.  Remember chatter did not work with salesforce, so basically, the CEO wanted to give it another try with slack. We believe slack is nothing but chatter 2.0 that salesforce always dreamed of.


1. Why was salesforce so determined to buy tableau?

Salesforce is a company that always believed in smarter decision making. This is the reason they were so determined to buy tableau. Now with Tableau in their team, it’s now predicted that salesforce would get hold of more customer insights that take their functionality to new heights

2. Till now can you name how many total salesforce acquisitions have been made?

Till now, the salesforce acquisition count comes to 60.

3. Is salesforce fully determined to purchase velocity or it’s just a rumor?

Salesforce has full intention to buy velocity. This is because salesforce management has confirmed it.

4. Who is the owner of the Salesforce ecosystem?

The owner of the salesforce ecosystem is Marc Benioff. This man is worth 8 million dollars currently

5. Is there a competition for salesforce?

The answer is a resounding yes. There are three rival competitors of the salesforce in the current scenario and they are adobe, Sap, and oracle

6.What is the programming language that salesforce uses?

There are two programming languages that salesforce uses. One is called the apex and the other is called the visual force. Apex is like working on a javascript, while visual force is a language where you are given the provision to create your own code. The working model of HTML bears resemblance to HTML

7.Are there more than a million customers for salesforce?

Nope. The customer count or salesforce at present is 150,000+

8.Why is salesforce always in trend?

This is due to two things one is a constant update and the other is features. The platform changes every day, so every day a salesforce professional gets to learn something new.  Salesforce has some features that no other CRM provides like collaboration tools, tracking opportunities, and mobile app feature

9.Which one is salesforce Pass or SaaS?

Salesforce can be called pass or better known as “platform as service”. This is because a customer van with no technical background can create palliation in a matter of minutes and by taking the advantage of the cloud.

10. How is hyperforce related to salesforce?

Salesforce has recently launched a new technology called the hyper force. Here you would have the provision to store data anywhere in the country and then use it from anywhere in the world

For example, you are an operator in India and you choose to store your data in a specific region. Now you are on vacation but you need your data to send immediately. With the help of hyperforce you can do that.  This shows that hyperforce is scalable

Now salesforce claims that hyper force would the one of the most reliable clouds.  This is because it has a structure of security that has not been witnessed anywhere else

This tells us, that with hyper force security is always first priority.  When you have your data protected then you can focus on more important things like innovation and customer retention.

Parting tips

Hope this information that is made available has informed you a lot on salesforce and how salesforce acquisitions changed the history of the IT industry. Further, this digital piece addresses FAQ and hyper force so that you can keep updated with the salesforce ecosystem, too. If you liked what was presented here, please follow us for the latest salesforce updates.

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