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Salesforce SMS.do

Send SMS to your leads, contacts, and accounts from your Salesforce org with ease and efficiency. SMS.do allows you to stay in touch with your customers and prospects directly from your Salesforce instance by s...


Lead Status History

Lead Status History app tracks the Time Spent on each Status for a particular lead So that we get to know easily for how much time our Lead was in “Open – Not Contacted” or “Working-Contacted”, etc. Awesome and...


Drag And Drop Attachments

Drag and Drop Attachments app will provide you a feature of adding attachments by simply Drag & Dropping in the area provided by the app, and these files will get attached automatically to that particular r...


Salesforce Payment Gateway

Since it was first introduced more than two decades ago, Salesforce has catered to several business enterprises belonging to all scales of operation and all sectors of the industry. The platform of Salesforce i...


External File Storage With Salesforce

One of the most critical aspects of running a business organization is managing documentation. There are numerous records, files and documents that are created, moved, modified and deleted on a regular basis. A...



Send bulk emails from your Salesforce CRM with ease and efficiency Massmail.do helps you and your team to send bulk messages from your Salesforce org and keep a track of the same to streamline your email market...



Spend minimum time in creating quality Salesforce forms with the help of FormDoodle. The native Salesforce form builder allows users to create personalized forms to generate leads, capture important client data...



Salesforce is all about data. Right from recording datasets to assessing them for providing personalized services, the CRM platform involves organized management of data. Your Salesforce docs are important elem...



Dialer.do is a Salesforce dialer app that helps your sales reps contact your leads and contacts through a centralized platform. If you have switched to Lightning, it helps you leverage the CRM functionalities b...



Scan your Salesforce instant within seconds and obtain a snapshot of results with Clean.do Looking at the intricacies of the tools and features provided by the CRM platform, a regular Salesforce Health Check is...